Xiaomi electric car: the CEO "reveals" price, launch period and design

THEelectric car from Xiaomi begins to take shape, in the true sense of the word. Today on douyin, Chinese counterpart of TikTok, the company's CEO Lei Jun revealed some features of what will be the company's first car. We talked a lot about her between confirmations and disavowed leaks. But finally the first official, or rather unofficial, they begin to come out of the president's mouth. Yes, because apparently the current CEO of the company will be the president of the auto sector. But having said that, what did he say? Let's see it together.

Xiaomi's electric car begins to take shape: price, launch period and design were revealed well in advance by Lei Jun

As we said, on Douyin, the natural father of our TikTok, Lei Jun has today done a very long interview. In two hours and more the current CEO of the brand and future president of a hypothetical Xiaomi Motors he stated that the electric car project was born more than three years ago. We knew something was boiling in the pot but we didn't think it was that old. He also admitted that the production will likely be centered in Wuhan that most will know for other reasons. In this place there is a special area called Wuhan Economic Development Zone, which is a very important area of ​​economic development.


In addition to this, there are other little things that Lei Jun has revealed. First of all the brand's first electric car will see the light in about 3 years. Although the product has been in the tycoon's mind for several years, the project was approved a few days ago and the mass production will not be immediate. In short, the company has plenty of time to understand how to move considering that other car manufacturers are also moving in the direction of electric-only.

But what will this Xiaomi electric car be like?

The specific design was not revealed but the CEO said that it will be a sedan. A choice that was made, as usual, also by users. Lei Jun said that the car design will be built on the suggestions of the users. The policy of the smartphone sector will therefore be traced and the brand will continuously receive feedback from Chinese users. In this regard, on his Weibo profile, he has already given life to several polls. As for the design 45% of users said they preferred a sedan while 40% preferred an SUV. However, we take the shape of the sedan with a grain of salt: everything is still in an embryonic state and subject to change.

The price?

In another survey, Xiaomi's CEO touched the "prices" button. Here, users have clearly played down by proposing one range that is around 200.000 yuan, or about € 26.000 at current exchange rates. A figure that all in all does not exceed the contender Tesla, which will also have to play a little lower at least in China.

Finally the brand. Which brand to use? What Xiaomi already has or change it? Here the users have divided: 12.000 people have said in favor of the current brand, while around 7.000 people would prefer a brand new logo. One last thing Lei Jun said is that i results of the home appliance division will be actively used in the automotive company. For example, electric vehicles will receive powerful air conditioners with air humidification function.

An example of how to do everything "at home". It is indeed interesting understand how the whole ecosystem of Xiaomi's future car will work. undoubtedly the integration of the already run-in Mi ecosystem will be one of the product's strong points. Try to imagine an electric car that can be designed, in terms of functionality, directly from the smartphone; or products of the ecological chain properly implemented in the car. Not bad right?

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