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Xiaomi Express: if Xiaomi brought the products directly to home?

How large online shopping platforms teach us (GearBest and the like), the importance of home delivery of any product has become the key to success for online business. It is not just a matter of comfort but also and above all of price: while the online platform has significantly less costs than any offline store, even the prices are a tad lower than the latter and therefore the end user decides to buy us own on these online stores. But if the manufacturer decides to ship directly to the user's home, without using an intermediary (ie the online store)? It seems that Xiaomi is moving in this direction and that two weeks ago already "Xiaomi Express"Has received the official mark. Let's see what it is.

Xiaomi Express: if Xiaomi brought the products directly to home?

According to ours sources, Xiaomi has already presented the 1 August of last year, at "China Patent & Trademark Office", the brand "小米 快递": These four characters literally mean"Xiaomi courier"And therefore we can say with certainty that our beloved brand has its hands in the dough with regard to this sector that allows bring their products from the factory directly to the final consumer. This brand presented a year ago was finally approved the 21 last June.

Xiaomi Express

We do not enter into the specific because it would be really too difficult to explain everything, but among the reported data there is a very interesting part: under the heading "classification" there is the number 39 and it seems to mean everything the set of services that start from the goods delivery service to the packaging of the packages, from the transport to the goods warehouse. But not only! This category would allow the company not only to deliver its products but also letters and similar, just like a postal service (and I assure you that the Chinese one is really efficient). Among other things, it seems that the service already exists in India.

Returning to the fundamental question: What would Xiaomi do with delivering its products at home? First more easy to order, since it is enough to insert what we want in the cart directly from the site or from the App; second, the warranty would no longer pass through the retailer, or intermediary if you prefer, but it would be a direct relationship between user and company; thirdly prices could definitely be lower since the mark-up of the intermediary is missing.

Obviously we do not give you false illusions since all this is still in its infancy and will only be available in China at the time of launching the service. But never say never ... we have seen that Xiaomi keeps its promises and listens to us users on the other side of the world. Meanwhile, tell us in the comments what you think of this service!

Gianluca Cobucci
Gianluca Cobucci

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