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Xiaomi Factor, An Analysis on 4 Emerging Markets!

Despite being a very young company, Xiaomi is showing impressive growth. By getting the measure of what Lei Jun's business is developing is enough to look at markets where Chinese Apple has been introduced.

The fact that not only emerging markets like India, Indonesia and Vietnam but also the United States and Europe show great interest in Xiaomi, makes the idea of ​​how much this brand is on the rise.

Even 5 years of business, Xiaomi has made it clear its intentions to expand around the globe with the hiring of Hugo Barra, former vice president of the Android Development division. The strategy seems to have worked, the brand has already spread to completely new markets, such as Malaysia.

Jana Mobile, a mobile search platform in emerging markets, has interviewed 750 guys from India, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam asking him about the Xiaomi phenomenon. The results are shown below, draw your conclusions a little!

Xiaomi brand survey

As it is easy to see, the kids in Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam have all put Xiaomi in the Top 3 of the high quality Chinese phones. It is rather surprising that the company does not appear in the responses of Indian boys, although the Indian market is much more complex and diversified than that of other 3 countries.

Xiaomi will soon start its campaign in these countries and, inevitably, will have to face competition from local competitors. Manufacturers like Mito & Cyrus in Indonesia, XOLO and Micromax in India, Cherry & Starmobiles in the Philippines and FPT in Vietnam will try to make life very difficult for Barra & co.

However, Xiaomi enjoys a much stronger global appeal than the aforementioned manufacturers. The company itself understands the best markets to enter into marketing devices market-sensitive and not only at a good price. We should bet, we would bet our savings on Xiaomi. It will still be interesting to see how this small-big start-up will behave out of it Safety Zone.



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Simone Rodriguez
Simone Rodriguez

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