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Xiaomi T10 Thermometer measures body temperature at 23 €

Probably the most avid fans rose the temperature when they saw the first images of Mi 10 Pro and above all, of Mi MIX 4 .. What about the absolutely competitive prices !? But we are not here to talk about smartphones. Xiaomi has always been active in thehealthcare and the last product realized in collaboration with Mijia testifies it: the Xiaomi infrared thermometer Mijia iHealth Thermometer!



Un essential design which reminds me very much of the Mi Smart Scale, with a LED display tone on tone that does not immediately catch the eye but allows to show the temperature after only one second. Even the use is very intuitive and simple as theunique button present on the body of the thermometer leaves room for interpretation.

A simple and intuitive thermometer, therefore, which is added to the series of health devices presented by Xiaomi. But many of you will be wondering - maybe - if then this technology, so fast and immediate, is also precise.

Xiaomi guarantees a correct measurement with one error margin of 0.1 ° C, a great compromise if we think that, especially for the young, using the classic mercury thermometer thermometer is often boring.


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Xiaomi Youpin T10 digital thermometer measures ambient temperature of objects and body
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1 year ago

Świetny artykuł. Bardzo praktyczny 🙂

1 year ago
Reply to  Thermometer

Bardzo dobry artykuł. Wypróbuje te porady. Polecam stosować Inhalatory ultradźwiękowe. Bardzo dobrze leczą zatoki i astmę.

Śmieszne nazwiska
1 year ago
Reply to  inhaler

Bardzo śmieszne nazwiska Polskie.

Omar Spangaro
Omar Spangaro
3 years ago

Marco, you can't see the discount code in the article ..

3 years ago
Reply to  Omar Spangaro

You're right, we forgot to include it 🙂
💰 Discount Code: MiTher
Compra➡https: //xiaomi.today/2hcsysy

3 years ago

But do not all the features know? For example, is a thermometer for body temperature only (ie between 35 ° and 44 ° C) or can it be used as an ambient temperature thermometer (between -40 ° and + 100 ° C)? In the first case it would have a limited and limiting use, in the second a use at 360 °.

Marco Rossano
Marco Rossano
3 years ago
Reply to  Jos4mi

obviously it's just body. I think it was sufficiently clear

3 years ago

by the way, China's online shop link shop where to buy it?
thank you

Marco Rossano
Marco Rossano
3 years ago
Reply to  Fabrizio

you can not buy it unless you reside in China

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