Xiaomi G9 vs Dyson V8, which of the two wins the comparison?

Although it continues to offer you excellent products such as Dream T30, the confrontation with Dyson is inevitable and we often read this also in your comparison comments - so what a clash it is: Xiaomi G9 vs Dyson V8, what's the best?

I chose these two products which, although presented in different periods, are still on the market and above all have equivalent performance and technical characteristics "on paper".

Xiaomi vs Dyson - Accessories in the box

Lo Xiaomi G9 it is sold with the wall bracket capable of recharging the vacuum cleaner and at the same time a second battery. I also found accommodation for the accessories supplied: small motorized brush, tip for the corners, nozzle 2-1.

Il Dyson V8, version Animal in my case, it comes with the wall bracket capable of recharging the vacuum cleaner and the accessories supplied are: small motorized brush, tip for the corners, nozzle 2-1, flexible and extendable tip.

La equipment and practically identical although the Dyson also has the hose which I find very useful for reaching hidden corners such as drawers. But it is Xiaomi wins because its docking station allows the recharging of the second battery but above all it allows to host all the accessories that are therefore always at hand.

Xiaomi g9 vs Dyson V8 brushes

the Xiaomi I preferred the main brush with V design which is designed to bring any hair and hair to the center without clogging the roller side mechanisms.

Xiaomi G9 vs Dyson V8 - Which is more powerful?

As I had anticipated, on paper we have roughly the same values in the specifications: 115 AW in the Dyson, against the 120 AW of the Xiaomi and the same maximum rpm, or 100.000 RPM.

Dyson V8 Xiaomi G9
Power425 W400 W
Revolutions / minRPM 100.000RPM 100.000
Suction115 AW120 AW
Pressure20.000 Pa

In practice, the two products confirm what is highlighted in the specifications: a substantial parity in aspiration. In the tests carried out both models showed good results in normal mode and excellent performance in turbo mode without one significantly prevailing over the other.

Xiaomi G9 vs Dyson V8 Engine

On both models, the digital engine is able to show off enough power for “everyday dirt” without almost ever needing to exploit maximum power.

Xiaomi G9 vs Dyson V8 - Autonomy

THEautonomy of the two models is practically identical. The Xiaomi G9 does 8/27/60 minutes in the respective Turbo / Normal / Economy modes. The Dyson V8 arrives at 7/26 in Turbo / Normal modes, while the economy mode is missing which therefore is not comparable.

However, what definitely leans the judgment in favor of the Xiaomi G9 is the use of one Removable battery. It is in fact possible to buy a second battery and recharge it at the same time, doubling the autonomy. Furthermore, this feature allows an “easy” replacement of the battery when this is at the end of its life.

Xiaomi G9 removable battery
Xiaomi G9 with removable battery

Un small note on Dyson which usually advertises the maximum autonomy based on use without the electrified brush which obviously involves further consumption. Although this is always marked with an asterisk, I believe it a practice poco clear since it refers to the less common scenario.

On charging times, the Xiaomi G9 beats Dyson since it employs only 3,5 hours to recharge its 2.500mAh 7-cell battery against 5 hours required to recharge the Dyson V2.800's 8mAh battery.

Xiaomi G9 vs Dyson V8 - HEPA filter

Xiaomi G9 vs Dyson V8 HEPA filter

Also for the filtering system, which is a fundamental part in vacuum cleaners, the two houses have adopted the same solution at the highest level.

On both products we find a HEPA filter which has a filtering degree of 99,97% and is able to stop particles down to the size of 0,3 microns.

The filter is washable on both the Dyson and the Xiaomi, we can therefore consider the two models in substantial equality under this point of view.

Xiaomi G9 vs Dyson V8 - How it works

Both on the Dyson V8 and on the Xiaomi G9 we find a good engineering of the parts, with accessories that are easy to use and overall excellent practicality in all situations, both at home and outside (eg in the car). Also the emptying operation is similar and very easy thanks to the one-touch system that opens the flap at the bottom of the dirt tank which is 0.6L in the Xiaomi e poco smaller in the Dyson (0.56L)

Both products proved to be robust and practical in all situations thanks to the content of only 1,57Kg in the Dyson and 1,56Kg in the Xiaomi.

Xiaomi G9 vs Dyson V8 - Price

Here the difference is substantial because the Dyson V8, despite being on the market for two years, is available for no less than 380/390 € depending on the variant.

For the Xiaomi G9, which was presented about a year ago, they are already found good offers like this at 169 € on Amazon with a additional battery complimentary. Add it to your cart and use the discount code X9TBY8QB

At this point, it is inevitable to ask whether there really is so much difference between the two products as to justify such distant prices. The competition has now become fierce and the gap is no longer so obvious. This is precisely demonstrated by this comparison with the Xiaomi G9

What do you think?

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