Xiaomi won the "China Quality Technology Award"

Sometimes many people are led to think that fans of a particular brand, or even those who work with and for it, are fanatics of the products of this brand but very rarely the same people wonder why. When it comes to a Chinese brand then the comments are wasted: a Chinese brand is a brand that does not pay much for its products and sells goods of low quality. Unfortunately we are used to this type of affirmation, but the question changes if the brand in question wins the "China Quality Technology Award".

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Xiaomi wins the "China Quality Technology Award"

Two days ago in China was held most important award ceremony in the field of quality technology, namely the "China Quality Technology Award", to which more than thousand companies they decided to participate. Of these a thousand companies, only five they managed to win the first prize and Xiaomi this year is among them.

Il "China Quality Technology Award" was established in the 2005 and is the first scientific and technological award approved by the "Ministry of Science and Technology" and by the "National Office of Scientific and Technological Awards" in the field of quality and technology in China. It is also the highest recognition in the field of quality and technology in China and, according to the rules in force, controls very rigorously the number of prizes to be awarded to those who promote the progress of quality and technology, also praising the units and the teams who have made a considerable contribution in the field of innovation.

xiaomi prize china tech

The bombshell, however, is not so much that our beloved brand has won this award, as much as the fact that Xiaomi is the first "internet company" (as you like to call it to Lei Jun) in the world to have reached this peak. In fact we know that Xiaomi does not focus only on the design and development of mobile devices but also of innovation in the IoT and AI fields. We want to emphasize that this bonus reward not just the top floors of the company but also all development teams who work hard to give us an interface that we are very fond of, a category of workers that are often poorly calculated. A special mention for the "China Quality Technology Award" she went to Yan Kesheng, vice president of Xiaomi e Quality Manager of all the company's products and services.

Last December Lei Jun he declared at the internal quality meeting Xiaomi: "We want to look at the quality with a microscope, because theinnovation determines how high we can fly and the quality determines how far we can go. ".

In July of this year, however, the same Jun has published an internal letter that said: "After the listing of Xiaomi on the stock exchange, our priority is to completely improve the quality of products and services".

These words, which sounded a bit like a warning, then turned out to be like the realization of a goal that will certainly silence those voices we were talking about at the beginning, rumors that "denigrate" Chinese products as low quality.

xiaomi prize china tech

In the picture the five winners of the prestigious award. The third from the left is Yan Kesheng, vice president of Xiaomi



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I congratulate you on your successes, all the more valid as they are obtained by managing to keep the sales prices low.

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