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Xiaomi Home is tinged with black and receives other small news | Download

The further we go, the more the users' home becomes a smart home. Xiaomi in this sector it is perhaps the best in terms of the number of products that can interact with each other. L'ecosystem Mi in fact, it can boast of a myriad of products of various kinds including bulbs, signal repeaters, smart slippers, cameras and any other device. To connect them, however, you need a hub, an application that allows you to control them and interact with each other. Xiaomi Home it is precisely the proprietary app of the brand that you are updating with many pleasant news.

Here are all the news of Xiaomi Home: Dark Mode for all application cards, recommended scenes and FAQs

The application is available for download on the Play Store for all Android devices but this update is only for users registered in the beta branch. What does it mean? By going to the Play Store and searching Xiaomi Home, you will probably see that your app is already updated to one version earlier than 6.1.601. There is no way to get to this version other than by becoming a beta tester. The key to do this you should all see, is there under the buttons Uninstall You open. But having said that, what are the news you make? Let's see them in the photos.

As you can see all the pages of the menu have been converted to dark mode. But this is not the only change. The changelog in fact it provides:

  • added the recommended scenes "Turn off the lights at night"and "Buona notte"
  • added the reconnection function to the connected camera after disconnection
  • added the FAQ related to the account in the section "Help and Feedback"

As mentioned above, the update is dedicated to beta tester. To take advantage of the news (which are not so game changing) you can or join the beta program tester or wait a few days that the stable version update reaches you too. In the first case, all you need to do is press the relative button and wait a few minutes before joining the group of beta testers. Once done, we recommend closing the Play Store and restarting it: at that point you will find the update available.

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