Xiaomi Home WiFi is the new router for houses or villas up to 350㎡

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This afternoon, in addition to launching the series Xiaomi 12S, the new laptops with touch screens and Mi Band 7 Pro, the Chinese brand also presented the Xiaomi Home WiFi, a tri-band Mesh WiFi6 router for large houses or villas.

Xiaomi Home WiFi is the new router for houses or villas up to 350㎡

The Xiaomi Home WiFi is equipped with the latest Xiaomi self-developed Mesh technology, supports networking of up to 10 devices and supports connection with other Xiaomi / Redmi WiFi6 routers.

At the same time, the router also supports the use of the three frequencies at the same time. Specifically, together with the dual frequency bands (2,4GHz + 5,2GHz) for device access, a 5,8GHz high-speed frequency band is added for Mesh backhaul, and the theoretical speed can reach 2882 Mbps. Compared to the dual-band network speed, the speed has increased by more than 50%.

In terms of wired connection, the router has a 2.5G network port, supports up to 2500M broadband access, meets the needs of future broadband upgrades, and also supports dual-LAN aggregation, which doubles the speed of intranet broadcast to meet the needs of most users.

As for performance, the router is equipped with the Qualcomm IPQ5018 chip, 512MB of memory, integrated antennas (4 single-band Wi-Fi antennas + 2 dual-band Wi-Fi antennas + 1 Bluetooth antenna + 1 NFC antenna), 8 amplifiers of the high-power signal, with the coverage of the signal area that can reach 350㎡.

It is worth mentioning that the Xiaomi Home WiFi has a built-in Bluetooth Mesh gateway, which supports the access of 200 Bluetooth devices, allowing various Bluetooth devices such as smart locks, temperature and humidity meters and various sensors to be connected intelligently. , so as to customize the different automations.

Finally, the router is equipped with NFC detection technology that allows you to access the network with a single touch if you have an Android smartphone with NFC.

The Xiaomi Home WiFi will be sold in China at a price of 1499 yuan, around 215 euros.

Xiaomi Mi AX3600 Wi-Fi Router
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