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XIAOMI: Hugo Barra, next stop South America!

IERI (Yesterday) Hugo Barra did visit formally to the famous OEM manufacturer Foxconn and after the meeting he published a photo with a message with which he suggests the launch of the Xiaomi brand in South America.

Barra is, and was, definitely a key element of the recent growth of the Pechino company. Since the beginning of the assignment, Xiaomi has landed in Singapore and will soon do so in other Asian countries ... ambition is great, Xiaomi wants to go far!

After visiting Foxconn, Barra posted the following message:

Thank you so much for Terry Gou and the whole Foxconn team for welcoming me today. An important step forward to approach Xiaomi and South America.

It is not an official announcement, but it is enough to increase the hope of Xiaomi fans in Latin America. Foxconn has factories in both Brazil and Mexico, which would make the situation even more interesting. Let's see!
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Simone Rodriguez
Simone Rodriguez

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