Xiaomi more and more towards the Wireless sector

Oh yeah, it seems really over the age in which various cavecraft is intertwined with our favorite device and so here appears on the market a series of gadgets from the name Wireless. Among the most acclaimed and sought-after we find TWS headsets / headphones, inspired more or less by what Apple offers, albeit with its own soul. The Xiaomi AirDots, still difficult to find, according to those who have tried do not seem to have particularly excited and perhaps that also knows well Xiaomi who has released a new variant, the AirDots Pro that have undoubtedly captured the attention of many users.

The main novelties concern the presence of touch buttons that also allow the control of music and support for various vocal assistants. Inevitable a charging dock while the color of the gadget is available in both classic white and black, all for a price 3 times lower than the solution proposed by Apple, ie 399 yuan (about 52 euro at current exchange rate). But I do not want to talk about it, as we have already done it in this article, but today I just want to tell you that the first batch of Mi AirDots Pro is sold out in just 3 minutes and 59 seconds, which indicates that the user demand for wireless gadgets is always higher. Unfortunately the company has not released the part number that really were sold, but we hope that there have been a few dozen.

Xiaomi more and more towards the Wireless sector

That said, Wireless technology is increasingly applied to mobility and Xiaomi together with the manufacturer 70Mai, a company known for the development and production of car accessories, has launched 70Mai Car Wireless Charger. As the name suggests, this is a wireless car charger, made in the form of a familiar car stand and allows you to use, for example, GPS navigation on your smartphone while it is charging without having cables between your feet. In this case, the manufacturer claims that theaeronautical aluminum used for this gadget will make it reliable against the vibrations due to travel on bad roads. Another important feature is the support for the quick charge with power up to 10 W. The price for 70Mai Car Wireless Charger in China is about 10 euro at the current exchange rate.

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