Xiaomi inserts the AI ​​Pre - loading function in the XIIUM MIUI

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As many of you know, weekly updates from MIUI Global and China were suspended until the end of June to prioritize the various system optimizations that serve as preparation for the MIUI 10.

We do not know much about the next version of the UI of Xiaomi, but referring to the latest trends in the smartphone market it is easy to see how this will be developed in order to create a user experience enriched and assisted by what we commonly define as artificial intelligence.

Smartphone as the surprising Xiaomi Mi MIX 2s, or as the Redmi Note 5 (China) or lo Xiaomi Mi 6X if we want to refer to the mid-range, they already integrate AI functionality linked to the camera into the system; but what the MIUI developers have as their objective is to integrate artificial intelligence with all MIUI, not only with the camera app, and for this reason they have been experimenting with new AI functionalities for quite a few weeks. have been included in the MIUI 9 Global Developer.

Small samples of AI in the MIUI 9

Specifically we talk about the named function AI Pre - Loading that exploiting mechanisms of machine learning is able to foresee, according to the context, the application we are going to use and consequently pre - load the resources necessary for its execution in advance. This results in a faster start of the various applications and a slight improvement in battery life.

The function AI Pre - Loading, as you can see from the image below, has been inserted in the system settings in the “Battery & performance” menu. On the international MIUI forum we can learn how it has been included in the MIUI 9 8.4.10 Global Beta and how it has therefore been available for a few weeks for users of this development branch of MIUI.

Xiaomi inserts the AI ​​Pre - loading function in MIUI

In my opinion this is a really interesting feature! Were you aware of this small integration?



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