Xiaomi crowdfunding a genetic test for dogs and cats

Xiaomi continues to surprise its fans with new products presented on the Youpin crowdfunding platform. This time to be the protagonist is a gadget dedicated to our 4-legged friends, dogs and cats, in particular a kt for genetic testing that will allow us to discover any type of allergy and know the nature and origin of our pet.

Xiaomi crowdfunding a genetic test for dogs and cats

As specified by the manufacturer, this new test was created to help identify any health risks to our pet. In addition, thanks to this test we can also know the nature and origin of our dog or cat to better define also a behavior profile and intelligence level of the same. But as just mentioned, the test in particular offers the possibility of discovering the symptoms of allergies and common diseases to which our 4-legged friend is subject, without having to resort to expensive blood or urine tests.

To start the test, simply take a saliva sample from the oral mucosa and send it to the company in charge of evaluating the case. There are 3 types of kits put on the market, going from a basic version to a more professional one capable of identifying up to 16 genetic diseases.

In particular, the kit variants are as follows:

  • Standard edition : includes two tests that identify the presence of genetic diseases.
  • Ultimate Edition : Identifies various types of strains and includes a database of 10 genetic diseases. He is also able to certify the pedigree, assess the intelligence of our pet and recommend diets.
  • Explorer Edition : identifies various types of strains and includes a database of 16 genetic diseases. In addition to the same certificates and options of the Ultimate version, it provides advice on beauty treatments, advice on the behavior of our pet and even on the granting of a health certificate.

Unfortunately, since the kit interfaces with an external laboratory service, genetic testing is only available in China. For prices these start from 99 yuan, about 13 euros per exchange, for the standard version up to 399 yuan, about 51 euros, for the explorer variant. Who knows that Xiaomi does not give input to other Italian manufacturers to create a similar idea?

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