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Xiaomi will fly to North America: "Owners of the Nexus will be the first to want a Xiaomi phone"

As long ago it was known that this year, China's Xiaomi company is leaving China, Hugo Barra, responsible for the development of Xiaomi's international business and strategic partnerships (in partnership with 3) is ready to collide with Big (Samsung , Apple, Google etc ...) on international markets. As the first step, Xiaomi will be sacked in North America and it is assumed that Europe is not so far away.

Those of Android Authority did not escape the opportunity to interview Hugo Barra who decided to make clear about the upcoming arrival of Xiaomi on the western market.


Claims that Xiaomi products will keep the high value for money that has always characterized them.
Saying this:

I believe that in the future, users will endure less and less devices sold without reason at high prices.


But let's move on to the part that I personally care about and concerns me more as a good Nexus user. Because Barra is right for us Nexus users to which it refers, he claims that the prototype of the user targeted by Xiaomi is precisely the owners of a device Nexus. And referring just to this kind of user, he says the following:


These people are very tech savvy: they read blogs, evaluate specs, user experience and value for money. This is the type of user who will buy a Xiaomi smartphone first.


Let me express myself on this subject. I can say that I have tried the Xiaomi MI3 and I have to say that it is a fantastic phone because I was immediately in love with the care in design and choice of materials not to mention the optimization of the MIUI that turns so well I have come to the point of passing from my Nexus 5 to MI3, but then I remembered what prompted me to buy a Nexus surely the fact that it's a "pure" Google phone that involves timely updates as soon as a new version of Android comes out and Barra defends this way:

I've been working for Android for many years and I've always been impressed by the UI. I think the quality of the software is probably one of the most important things, and I think the quality of our software is superior to anything we can find on the market.

He obviously refers to the MIUI and its weekly weekly guided community updates and continues by saying:


This is something that Google does very well internally. We have that concept to a whole new level, enabling the whole world to make our software better.

Also according to Barra this policy adopted in the software update of the MIUI allows those who buy a smartphone Xiaomi to be in the hands, a year later, an even better device, “Not only thanks to the release of a new version of Android but also thanks to the corrections we make in the same amount of time”.

But returning to the talk of what prompted me to take a Nexus is definitely the very basic modding that I can not find in the Xiaomi and MIUI devices ... so the question arises spontaneously: "But we are quite certain that Nexus users will be the first to take a Xiaomi device? The answer is for us to decide because Barra considers the Nexus experts experienced in this field, so I know that some way will surprise us!

Bar continues talking about the jewel of Xiaomi's home MI3, smartphone released last year but, thanks to software updates, still today, according to his words, faster than Galaxy S5, although the Samsung flagship device has a more powerful chipset.

In conlcusione one can already understand that the landing of Xiaomi in the West will certainly not be a walk. Because it is still a brand unknown to many that we at try to expand as much as possible because it is a brand that deserves a lot, so the arrival of Xiaomi also in our part will play an important role and thus compete with the Big sector?

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Simone Rodriguez
Simone Rodriguez

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