Xiaomi launches a new gaming mouse on Youpin

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Recently on Youpin, the crowdfunding platform of Xiaomi, a new one appeared gaming mouse. In this article we see the technical characteristics of the device and its price. Here are all the details of this really interesting device, both for its specifications and for the cost at which it is proposed.

Here is the Xiaomi Gaming Mouse Lite at a low cost price

In addition to producing and launching smartphones on the market, Xiaomi is a giant engaged in the creation of many other products. Some of these, before actually being put on the market, go through a crowdfunding site managed directly by the Chinese house. We are talking about Youpin, within which it is possible to find several interesting gadgets produced by third-party companies or by the Xiaomi brand itself (as in the case of the product we are about to see).

One of them is it Xiaomi Gaming Mouse Lite, a device that will start crowdfunding next January 12 at a price of 99 yuan, or about 14 €. Among its main technical features, it is equipped with a Pixart 3327 optical sensor and can count on a variety of DPI adjustments including 400, 800, 1600, 3000 up to 6200 DPI. The maximum speed is 220 inches per second, while the response time is less than 1 ms (meeito of his MCU with 32-bit ARM NXP architecture).

Being a gaming mouse, it also features a RGB light strip editable and adjustable via a combination of mouse keys. Therefore, no software of any kind is required. The crowdfunding, which will start on January 12 at 10 am, will end a week later, again on January 19 at 10 am. Once completed, it will be sold out of crowdfunding at a price of 129 yuan (approx. 18 €).

A functional accessory, very interesting from a design and economic point of view. Definitely worth it for all hardcore gamers engaged in long gaming sessions.

Edoardo D'Amato

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