Xiaomi launches the revolutionary COCOBEAUTY nebulizer that promises a moisturizing effect for the skin

Almost daily, the most imaginative bazaar on the face of the globe, namely Xiaomi Youpin, offers us interesting new products for everyday use. And there are many who, for a negligible amount, promise to change our days in the best possible way, such as the small COCOBEAUTY electric nebulizer, which with its action will also allow us to hydrate our skin making it less tired and always fresh.

In detail, we are dealing with an economical nebulizer whose dimensions do not exceed 147 x 105 x 210mm and a total weight of 591 grams, made of high-strength ABS plastic, with a minimal but elegant look like the rest of the Xiaomi brand products. .


The COCOBEAUTY nebulizer is powered by a power cable that allows a power of 280W which in combination with a 100 ml tank, in which in addition to water we can also insert any spiced and aromatic oils, will generate a cloud of water vapor in just seconds. But it is the combined action of the generated nanoparticles that will also allow to deeply hydrate the skin of the face.

Xiaomi launches the revolutionary COCOBEAUTY nebulizer that promises a moisturizing effect for the skin

As anticipated, the gadget has an aromatherapy system, which therefore combines the benefits of water nebulization with those of relaxing aromas that will help relax the pores of our skin from a stressful day at work and problems in general.


In addition to this, this new product that Xiaomi offers us on Youpin has a single power button which therefore facilitates the operation of the system. The silicone nozzle of the upper part is also adjustable allowing to direct the cloud of water vapor. For COCOBEAUTY only 99 yuan are required, or about 13 euros at the current exchange rate, but at the moment the sale is exclusive to the Xiaomi crowdfunding platform, although we expect to see the gadget soon on the usual third-party stores that also import into our country.


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