You have never seen a "pocket" and portable washing machine, but Xiaomi has it

A product that is very successful is not necessarily a highly sought after one. We saw it a few days ago with the hat that stimulates hair growth put on the crowdfunding platform Xiaomi Youpin. Everything can be said except this device is sought after by users. But perhaps what the brand has been offering in the last few hours could be a valid solution and a product that we all need below. It's about a portable but above all folding washing machine. Remember those "retractable" silicone glasses that could stretch and shorten to take up less space? Here, just like that.

A washing machine that folds and transports easily in a bag is Xiaomi's new idea, only on Youpin

This intriguing gadget is produced by Muyu, or a sub-brand of Xiaomi that for years has successfully ventured into the production of more or less small washing machines. This time the smart side is the master of the portable washing machine as it allows it to enter the category of products that thanks to its features will make it one of the best-selling washing machines in China, especially among the businessmen who travel a lot.

mini folding washing machine xiaomi youpin

This is a GIF: open it to see how the mini washing machine opens and closes

Let's start with the measurements: this Muyu washing machine looks like a square with edges slightly rounded by the measurements 292 x 292 x 94 mm. When open, its height remains 292 mm thus taking up very little space. In terms of weight it is also not bulky since it does not even reach the kg, precisely 0.8 kg. It is sold inside a box and includes a convenient bag to put it in when there is a need to carry it with you. Also it is u, or made up of a single piece that cannot be detached in any way. The folding material is a particularly treated and resistant silicone, which can last for more than 6000 times the product is opened and closed.

youpin folding pocket washing machine

Now let's move on to the smart side, that is the functionality side. The mechanism is really very simple and this Xiaomi portable washing machine has in common simple well washing machine. The only difference, which makes it much easier to use, is the lack of a dedicated connection to join it to the water pipe. In fact, the Muyu washing machine does not need pipes to circulate the water: we will have to put this inside the cylinder that forms when we open it. There maximum temperature supported is 60 C ° and the movement of the nozzles placed at the base simulate hand washing: just like that, no washing too demanding for the Xiaomi mini washing machine. This feature might make it uncomfortable for many, but all in all it's meant for quick washes and in case of emergency. Is present a single pipe used for draining dirty water after finishing the wash.

mini folding washing machine xiaomi youpin

In fact, the washing options are only three: 5, 10 and 15 minutes in total. Obviously the device it does not have the ability to dry clothes that we put in, but still squeezes them a minimum and therefore do not drip when we remove them from the porthole, if you can call it that. The three time frames are naturally also linked to the type of material that we have to wash and the controls are obviously all touch. The mini washing machine available on Youpin can hold few cloths, about one kg fully loaded and even if there are heavy clothing such as jeans or a pair of shoes, the base will remain fixed to the table thanks to four suckers. In addition, both thanks to the plastic and rubber materials, and thanks to the Xiaomi technology, this smart product is super silent and therefore it can also be placed in the dining room: it does not risk disturbing you at all.

There are only two colors available: gray-white e pink, for a more feminine touch. If you want it you can buy it through the box below!

-20% You have never seen a "pocket" and portable washing machine, but Xiaomi has it

Mini folding washing machine Xiaomi Youpin

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