Xiaomi Leica Imaging team wins the Million Dollar Technology Award 2022

This afternoon Xiaomi announced the winner of the Xiaomi Million Dollar Technology Award for the year 2022, this is the team behind the "Xiaomi Leica Imaging" project. Lei Jun, founder and CEO of Xiaomi Group, said that the "Xiaomi Leica Imaging" project, which won the first prize this time, showed a very high level of technological innovation and industry influence.

Xiaomi Leica Imaging team wins the Million Dollar Technology Award 2022

After the award, Zeng Xuezhong, senior vice president of Xiaomi Group and chairman of the mobile phone department, said in an interview with Netease Technology and other media that engineers are "tech explorers", real "implementators" within Xiaomi and who have a very high status in Xiaomi.

These innovations are not planned or top-down, but arise from the love of engineers and their enthusiasm for innovation.

xiaomi 12s ultra concept

But why was the Million Dollar Technology Award awarded to the "Xiaomi Leica Imaging" project?

A total of 80 projects applied for selection of the Xiaomi Million Dollar Technology Award, and 25 projects stood out and entered the final competition. Compared to previous years, according to Wang Fei, vice chairman of the technical committee of Xiaomi Group, it was the edition with the most entries and the highest average level, which represents the further development of Xiaomi's overall technical system. It took more than two months to arrive at the final evaluation of the group.

Returning to why the award was given to the “Xiaomi Leica Imaging” project, Lei Jun commented that the “Xiaomi Leica Imaging” project allows users not only to experience the age-old experience of Leica, but also to feel the young Xiaomi's breakthrough and innovation in mobile imaging technology.

This million-dollar award proves that Chinese technology can become the world's technology, and Chinese culture and aesthetics can also become the world's aesthetics." Zeng Xuezhong further explained, “Image is the most important language of this era, and it is also the most important aspect of mobile phones

Furthermore, we have achieved many advances in technology and have been recognized in the cultural field as well. We have coordinated our Chinese aesthetic thinking habits with the centuries-old Leica, many of which have been creatively proposed by us and have been recognized by them.

According to Xie Junqi, the award-winning representative of the Million Dollar Technology Award and engineer of Xiaomi Group's phone camera department, in order to realize the original Leica taste on the phone, Xiaomi engineers have made a complete journey from design to adjustment of the camera system. imaging.

For example, the same soft-focus lens has a contradiction between the virtual and the real. For this, we have developed an adaptive layering and blending algorithm. In this way, the problems that would have occurred in these two layers have been solved. Bringing a natural effect of sharp edges and soft focus blur.

Xie Junqi

In addition to innovation and leadership, in terms of influence, Zeng Xuezhong said that "Xiaomi Leica Image" has made outstanding contributions to Xiaomi's high-end.

For the uninitiated, the first device produced by the collaboration between Xiaomi and Leica is the Xiaomi 12S, followed by the Mi 13 series. According to data from China, after the launch of the Xiaomi 13 series, this has conquered almost 19% market share in the 4000-6000 yuan (550-820 euro) price range, ranking first among high-end products in this price range.

Zeng Xuezhong said that the company is currently making every effort to increase the production capacity of the Mi 13 series. The ability of the Mi 13 series to gain market and consumer recognition is inseparable from Xiaomi's continuous exploration and technological advances.

xiaomi 13 official
Xiaomi 13

Please note that this is the fourth Million Dollar Technology Award which primarily rewards engineering teams of less than 10 people. Previously, the Xiaomi Million Dollar Technology Award was awarded to the MIX Alpha Surround Screen Technology team, the Mi Charge Technology Team and the Cyberdog team.

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