Xiaomi Mi 10 beats humans and machines: Rubik's cube, file decompression and Pi Greco calculation in record time

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Three days from the official presentation of the new Xiaomi house beast, uninterrupted teasers follow not only regarding its appearance but also its performaces. Xiaomi Mi 10 is preparing to enter the market in a domineering way, both for better and for worse: if on the one hand we will be enticed by its performanceon the other hand we will be discouraged from price slightly larger than normal. If you want some more news than its price, we advise you to read this article. From the side performance however Xiaomi Mi 10 is ready to astound and proves it since calculate the Pi Greek, solve the Rubick's cube and decompress files faster than computers and humans. In the following videos the evidence.

The performances of Xiaomi Mi 10 leave "in underwear" the fastest man in the world in solving the Rubick's cube

Today, to promote the performances of Xiaomi Mi 10, the namesake company has released a series of promotional videos that include the Rubik's cube resolution (through a robot built for this), the calculation of 10 million digits of Pi Greek and the decompression of files weighing 10 GB. All this to make a comparison with machines and humans.


According to what the brand communicated on Weibo, Xiaomi Mi 10 would be able to overcome the world record of resolution of the Rubik's cube which, currently, stands for 3.47 seconds (for the more curious, he is a Chinese boy named Yusheng Du). The smartphone is connected to gods robotic arms which in turn are synchronized with the "brain" of Mi 10. Guess how long does it take to solve it? We don't spoil it, watch the video.

The second video refers to the calculation of the famous Greek Pi number, which remained unsolved after thousands of years.


Obviously the test was not performed to find ALL the numbers that make up this number, but "only" 10 million. The comparison this time is with a computer, precisely one moved by a i7 8550U processor. Xiaomi Mi 10 takes 36.8 seconds to calculate such a number of digits using the Fourier formula plus a particular AGM algorithm, while the PC 92 seconds.. How many books will 10 million digits?

The last video is devoted to the speed of decompression that the processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 It allows. Not only him, but also the new one RAM LPDDR5.



Here too the comparison is with a PC with the same performance as the previous one and with a SSD type hard drives. Well, Xiaomi Mi 10 takes less computer time in performing this "simple" operation, beating it for 0.24 seconds to 1.47 minutes. The weight of the file to be decompressed was not indifferent: well 10 GB.

Having said that, some will comment that it is all marketing: it will also be so, but it is under everyone's eyes that Xiaomi is bringing a unrivaled device.

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