Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite 5G review

At the exit of Xiaomi Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro there were many controversies related to the sale price, although in part this was justified by the excellent characteristics and performance offered by the two top of the range. Many, however, were intimidated by the official list and therefore the Chinese company dedicated Mi 10 Lite 5G to all of them, a worthy representative of the excellent quality / price ratio that has always accompanied the smartphones of the Asian brand. So let's find out together Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite 5G in our full review.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite Global 6 / 64Gb from EU warehouse
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SAR values ​​(limits: 10g for head and body / 2,0 W / Kg - 10 for limbs / 4,0 W / Kg):
- Head: 0,793 W / Kg
- Body: 1,180 W / Kg (5mm distance)

Unboxing - Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite 5G

Inside the sales package we find the following equipment:

  • Mi 10 Lite 5G;
  • silicone cover;
  • USB data cable - USB Type-C;
  • wall power supply with European socket and max output at 22,5W;
  • pin for the SIM slot;
  • instruction manual.

From the first moment I took out of the Mi 10 Lite 5G box, I felt the sensation of having in my hands a device that knew what it was doing both in terms of design and features. The blue color in our possession also gives a lot of personality and freshness to the look that imposes itself in dimensions equal to 163,71 x 74,77 x 7,88 mm and a weight of 192 grams, numbers that on paper make the device seem heavy and huge but actually revealed in the well balanced weight along the entire axis of the body and above all manageable as the elongated shape and slightly narrower than the standard allow excellent grip, even without using the protective cover provided .

Particularly appreciated are the soft lines and the rounded corners that join in a back completely made of glass with Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protection, very resistant, interrupted only by the certification and company logo writings as well as by the slightly protruding rectangle photographic module and positioned in the upper left part of the back cover. The profile instead is made of polycarbonate, with a completely smooth left back while on the right we find the classic volume buttons and power button. On top, Mi 10 Lite offers the IR transmitter, second microphone and 3,5mm jack for earphones, while specularly we have the Type-C charging input which is only 2.0, therefore it cannot transmit video signal but we can connect keys for data transfer as present OTG support. Then we find the main microphone, mono-type system speaker and SIM tray suitable for hosting 2 SIMs in nano format but without the possibility of expanding the integrated memory, so pay attention to the cut you will choose during the purchase phase (we recommend the 128 GB one that costs only 30 euros more about the 64 GB version).

We do not have waterproof certificates but Xiaomi also for this Mi 10 Lite 5G has provided a nanoparticle treatment that still guarantees some protection against splashes of water, so much so that the same SIM tray in the terminal part has a sort of protective sheath towards the liquids.


While we are dealing directly with the 5G issue, connectivity present in this terminal, even if at the moment it could be poco exploited due to minimal coverage on the Italian territory and in any case a service not offered by all mobile telephone operators. In any case, we are talking about a dual type 5G, that is SA (stand alone) and NSA (no stand alone) via X52 modem which already has all the necessary skills to be exploited to the maximum of potential once the 5G networks are expanded. This does not mean that I personally have already been able to benefit from the first signs of this power, in fact with the Iliad operator I have always been able to take advantage of 4G + coverage, reaching download speeds of over 150 Mbps.

The quality of the calls is really excellent and the volume quite generous, but I particularly appreciated the quality and the high volume offered, without ever distorting, of the integrated speaker. In fact, I often used it as a speakerphone in the car while the tones offered in listening to music are well balanced, with a good presence of low frequencies, returning a warm and enveloping sound, despite the mono nature of the speaker. If you prefer to use the earphones instead, know that we have codec of the caliber of aptX HD and LDAC, in short, a very high quality sound system that will definitely improve your musical experience.


The dimensions of Mi 10 Lite 5G allow us to benefit on the front of a large display with a diagonal from 6,57 inches in 20: 9 format and Full HD + resolution (2400 x 1080 pixels) with AMOLED technology and support for HDR10 + video content and native certification of Widevine L1 DRMs, thus allowing the use of high definition multimedia content on streaming platforms such as Netflix.

Unfortunately, it should be noted that this certification cannot be used on Amazon Prime Video as it is not recognized by the US e-commerce system. In any case, we enjoy a Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protection and a peak of brightness that reaches 600 nits, thus allowing excellent visibility even in direct sunlight. The format in 20: 9, makes the smartphone narrower by facilitating the grip with a single hand, with which we will be able to safely carry out most of the operations, for example responding to a chat while you are walking with the dog.

The bezels around the display are very thin and the chin is too poco intrusive, always in consideration of what is proposed in the same market segment by the various competitors. In the upper part of the display, we find the presence of a small drop notch in which the selfie camera is inserted which offers, among other things, the possibility of unlocking the device by means of Unlock Face 2D, a feature that proved to be decidedly rapid even in low light conditions. Above the notch is the ear capsule, in which Xiaomi has also inserted a small monochromatic notification LED and then the proximity and brightness sensors, which are reliable and pragmatic in doing their job. However, the notch does not create annoyances in the video viewing area but above all in the vision of the notification icons, which will remain permanently visible in the status bar.

Returning to the display yield, this is a classic 60 Hz panel, but if you have never tried higher refresh rates you will not notice any "snap" and you will appreciate the good color rendering in all conditions and above all the depth and liveliness of the colors. In any case, at the software level, the possibility is provided to go to calibrate the temperature and intensity to one's personal taste. There is also the Always On Display function, although the notifications shown in it are not interactable, in addition to the reading mode, the dark theme and the anti-flicker mode.


The AMOLED technology of the display has allowed Xiaomi to equip Mi 10 Lite 5G with a fingerprint reader integrated under the display, which was rather convincing and quick in unlocking. However, this is not visible in some particular lighting conditions, as in some models of the past.

On the connectivity front, practically nothing is missing, being able to benefit from a dual frequency Wifi, Bluetooth 5.1, Dual type GPS with support also for Galileo satellites, FM Radio and NFC sensor for mobile payments. Needless to say, each of them has done its job very well.

And here we are talking autonomy, which in the case of Mi 10 Lite 5G uses a 4160 mAh battery which supports fast charging at 20W. Moreover, in the package we already have a 22,5W charger that recharges the smartphone completely in about an hour and a half, but that's enough poco less than half an hour to reach 50%. The actual performance of the battery depends a lot on your experience of use, which in some cases could lead you to record even more than 8 hours of active screen, but whatever your use you will always have a full day of work guaranteed.

One of the most interesting features is undoubtedly represented by the processor, which is able to offer respectable performance, coming very close to those promised by the top of the range in circulation. We are talking about the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G SoC, an octacore solution with a maximum clock at 2.4 GHz and an 8nm production process as well as the use of LiquidCool technology, which reduces energy consumption net of an increase in performance, without ever experiencing overheating, not even in the most exciting phases of gaming or the benchmarks. The graphic part is entrusted to the Adreno 620 GPU which is flanked by 6 GB of LPDDR4X RAM and 64/128 GB of internal storage of UFS 2.1 type.

The operating system is based on Android 10 with MIUI 11 proprietary interface and May 2020 patch, but I will not dwell much on this area, if not to say that soon Mi 10 Lite 5G will benefit from the update to MIUI 12 and that during my testing period, i enjoyed a really nice user experience. All applications are managed in the best way, with ultra-fast opening times, smooth and jam-free navigation and without detecting any type of lag, abnormal battery draining and precisely zero overheating.

And if for Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro there has been a lot of discussion for the photographic / video performances, we can certainly speak well for the photographic sector of Mi 10 Lite 5G, absolutely excellent, which consists of four optics on the rear set in a rectangle which also includes the inscription 48 MP AI Camera and a dual tone LED flash.

The upper left lens is the main one with 48 MP resolution and f / 1.79 aperture, which is flanked by a module with ultra wide 8 MP, f / 2.2 optics and 120 ° FOV angle. 2 additional lenses complete the equipment, both with 2 MP resolution and f / 2.4 aperture, which respectively carry out the task of macro photography and depth of field data collection to improve the effect obtained with portrait mode. This is a fairly common configuration, but in the specific case of Mi 10 Lite 5G, Xiaomi has probably invested more time and resources in software optimization, which in fact manages to bring out the best from the capabilities of the integrated sensors.

During the day we get excellent shots but also at night the yield is not to be thrown away, thanks to the night mode, effectively obtaining usable photos and with almost zero digital noise. Brilliant colors while maintaining faith in reality, good sharpness and well-defined contrasts, in short, on the whole I have never felt the need to resort to solutions such as the GCam. At the software level, we have a series of filters and the inevitable automatic HDR, which even with the strongest backlighting solves the scenario correctly.

The photos obtained with the wide-angle lens are also particularly good, which compared to other solutions of the same brand finally returns photos with real colors and not mixed, without ever giving rise to the annoying fisheye effect on the broths of the photo. Delicious photos in macro mode, which despite the resolution limited to only 2 MP, allows us to take creative shots home. Overall good white balance, always correct and faithful as well as the management of light sources.

We do not have any optical zoom, but through a click we can switch to a 2X digital zoom that "cropps" the 48 MP sensor, thus allowing high quality even in this shooting mode. Definitely good videos, which can be recorded up to 4K at 30fps using digital stabilization, with a decidedly more than discreet performance. In any case, we have a fast and precise focus, almost cinematic, as well as a series of goodies at software level, such as Vlog mode, time lapse and slow motion recording up to 960fps.

All the excellent considerations made so far also apply overall to the yield of the front camera, a 16 MP lens, which gives us well-defined selfies, with excellent contrasts and bright colors. In addition to this we also have the possibility to record slowmotion video at 120 fps, obtaining a very particular effect.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite Global 6 / 64Gb from EU warehouse
🇪🇺FREE Fast Shipping from Spain (NO customs) ✈
€239 €449
Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite -Smartphone 6.57 "FHD + DotDisplay (6GB RAM, 128GB ROM, Quad Camera, ...
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Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite -Smartphone 6.57 "FHD + DotDisplay (6GB RAM, 64GB ROM, Quad Camera, ...
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We just have to give the final judgment on this Mi 10 Lite 5G, which in fact already at the official list price is an excellent choice, even more appropriate if we consider the offer to which Banggood offers us this device. But commenting on the price is perhaps superfluous, but it should be specified that Xiaomi with this terminal is offering us the cheapest 5G proposal on the market, to be considered an investment even if you are not interested in this feature.

Overall, Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite 5G remains a smartphone capable of offering a complete user experience close to that of a top of the range, in the face of a decidedly more contained outlay, bordering on perfection in every area we analyze, so in fact it is almost impossible not to recommend it.

9 Total score

Xiaomi Mi 10 Lite 5G is a smartphone that immediately returns the feeling of having a masterpiece in your hands. Just like the greatest works of art there are some smudges of the Xiaomi tech brush, but he manages to offer excellent performance and satisfy your every request, like a little genius of the lamp.

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Emanuele Iafulla

Emanuele Iafulla

Nerd, Geek, Netizen, terms that do not belong to me. Simply myself, technology lover and provocative as Xiaomi does with his products. High quality at fair prices, a real provocation for the other most famous brands.


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2 years ago

I don't understand if the mi 10 T lite has expandable memory

2 years ago
Reply to  Fabio

The MI 10 T lite has the possibility of expandable memory with SD, I can confirm it

2 years ago

Hello, for the same price would you suggest Mi 10 Lite or RedMi 9 Pro? Considering battery, software performance and camera

Michele Damiani
Michele Damiani
2 years ago

I bought it I am very happy the only small note that I would like to make and that it would have been better to give memory expansion with a slim card ... after this nonsense is a smartphone bomb given the small price ...