Xiaomi Mi 10: 8 essential accessories presented. Let's find out together (part 2)

After a long wait and an infinite number of rumors and leaks, the top of the range Xiaomi Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro have finally been presented today, but the company has not limited itself to bringing to the attention of its public only the two devices, but also a series of accessories dedicated to them. Let's find out together the gadgets, 8, that Xiaomi has joined the two super smartphones of early 2020.

Xiaomi Mi 10: 8 essential accessories presented. Let's find out together (part 2)

5. Gamepad for Xiaomi Mi 10

Having the best mobile hardware available, a gaming streak could not be missing for the new Xiaomi flagships. Here, therefore, that the company also has a gamepad. Its price is 0 yuan, around 299 euros. At the moment, however, we have no further details about the gadget's functionality, while for its design we can see it in the cover image, in the lower left corner. It seems decidedly inspired by what BlackShark has already proposed for its devices.

6. Xiaomi 65 W GaN Compact Type-C charger

You are probably wondering if the integrated battery on Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro lives up to expectations, considering that it will have to unleash all the power of these devices. Of course we can't give you an answer at the moment, but be aware that Xiaomi has also announced a super-compact 65W GaN charger for smartphones, laptops and other devices.

The charger can fully charge the Mi 10 Pro at a maximum speed of 50W in just 45 minutes. And for devices like laptops that support 65W charging, it can unleash all its power in a super compact size and therefore easy to carry with you, thanks to a base of GaN (gallium nitride). Its price is 149 yuan, about 20 euros, but it is worth remembering that Mi 10 Pro is already equipped with a 65 W charger in the package, although it is a different model from the one just presented.

7. Flip case for Xiaomi Mi 10

But from so much power can only be born so much beauty. We must therefore protect our device, which in the case of the Mi 10 series will be particularly precautionary also to invest in the protection of the display. But precisely this could create problems in the search for a protective glass, considering the extreme curvature of the screen. Xiaomi has the solution, however, offering the users of Mi 10 a flip cusody that has the particularity of leaving a window on the side, although the real functionality is not clear. However, 5 colors are available, including red, green, blue, orange and pearl white, at a price of 69 yuan, equal to 9 euros. And which color did you bet? I love papaya orange ...

8. Xiaomi Mi PowerBank 3 10000 mAh

We conclude this roundup of gadgets more or less dedicated to the Xiaomi Mi 10 series with the king of accessories that can not be missing in our pockets. Among the general euphoria of the new smartphones, the new 3 mAh capacity Mi PowerBank 10000 has also arrived and supports the Super Flash Charger. It is also interesting to note that Xiaomi Power Bank 3 supports Xiaomi Mi 50 Pro 10W fast charging.

The new powerbank is made of metal with distinctive ceramic features on the ends where we find the USB type A and C inputs, which allow charging of two devices simultaneously. The USB-A interface can directly charge low-current devices such as Bluetooth headphones and fitness trackers, while the USB-C interface supports bidirectional fast charging with a max 24 W input. Its weight is 232 grams slightly less at the price: 249 yuan, equal to about 33 euros at the current exchange rate.

This roundup of gadgets presented today at the launch event of Mi 10 and Mi 10 Pro ends. Have you already spotted any of them? What is your favorite?

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