Xiaomi Mi 11 costs like iPhone 12, but its price is almost half

No complaints this year about the price of the new flagship Xiaomi Mi 11. The most aficionados will surely remember the criticism received from his predecessor, due to a cost that users did not expect at all. This year, however, Lei Jun's company has decided to surprise everyone: the price of the new flagship, superior in all to the Mi 10, is equal to that of its predecessor; moreover, the possibility was given to choose whether to have the device with or without charger. This choice has raised other controversies. But how much does it cost to build the device? He reveals it to us Pan Jiutang.

Here is how much it costs to build Xiaomi Mi 11 and how much is the selling price: compared to iPhone 12 the markup is very low. Are we going back to the old politics?

For those who don't remember who he is Pan Jiutang: it is an analyst and collaborator of Xiaomi from time immemorial. He is one of the most renowned figures when it comes to Lei Jun's company, both in “economic” and more technical terms. According to him, according to Chinese sources, Xiaomi Mi 11 would have a production cost definitely high equal to that of iPhone 12. The news about the production costs are never completely clear, so we are content with "rumors": both the Xiaomi and Apple flagships cost 373 dollars, about € 300 converted

. But what is surprising is not so much this, as the selling price of the devices.

Xiaomi Mi 11 costs like iPhone 12, but its price is almost half

Il iPhone is 6.799 yuan while Xiaomi Mi 11 is 3.999 yuan: a gap of 2.800 yuan which would be converted about 350 €. Now, we don't know what the price of the device will be once it arrives in China but we can try to guess considering that in the mother country it is identical to what the price of Mi 10 was. Basically it will start from a minimum of 600 € plus all the accessories. In this regard, we would like to say that it is not excluded that the smartphone comes to us without a charger. As we know the foreign policy is very different from that of China.

Some users point out that it has not been specified whether research and development is also included in the costs. We clearly assumed that those things are included in the figures as well. But if this were not the case, the discourse would change by poco: the cost would increase for both, causing the ratio to change very slightly.

The traded prices are one yuan since the European prices are not yet known

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