Xiaomi Mi 11: here's how to have 120 Hz always active and for each app

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Appema launched on the tech market, the Xiaomi Mi 11 is already the protagonist of many articles, guides and tutorials. In addition to proposing itself as a terminal currently unique on the market, thanks to the adoption of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 chipset, the smartphone of the Chinese brand boasts features that are often absent even on the top of the reference range, one above all the presence of a display with refresh rate that reaches a maximum of 120 Hz, a function that allows you to enjoy games and multimedia content in a fluid way, as well as apps that support this refresh rate. But the 120 Hz are not always active, because Xiaomi Mi 11 makes use of Dynamic Switch technology, which allows the display to automatically set the most performing frame rates based on the situation of the moment, thus limiting the impact on autonomy, albeit with the 4600 mAh enjoyed by the device, the battery is the least of the worries. So here is that the community has seen fit to draw up a procedure that allows you to force 120 Hz on Xiaomi Mi 11 for all apps, and now we explain how to do it.

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The Dynamic Switch mode is certainly useful and functional but many users see their device as "castrated", complaining about the passage from 120 to 60 Hz as something annoying, especially if you are regular users who switch from a 'application to another, for example passing from a game to watching a simple video etc .. This is why for someone the possibility of always having 120 Hz active on their Xiaomi Mi 11 could be a turning point that will make you even more love the terminal.

Xiaomi Mi 11: here's how to have 120 Hz always active and for each app

The solution to the problem comes to us from the community that gravitates around the Xiaomi brand and which has developed a procedure that allows you to decisively exploit the 120 Hz of the terminal display. The operation does not require any knowledge of modding and therefore you do not need to have unlocked bootloader, root permissions or anything else that affects the warranty of your phone.

  • Let's go inside the system menu of our Xiaomi Mi 11 or in the Settings
  • Now let's scroll down to find the Additional Settings item
  • Once inside this menu, scroll down until you find the Developer settings (I assume that you know how they are activated, in case you have to tap 7 times on the MIUI version of the smartphone that you find under System Info)
  • Once inside the Developer Options menu you have to scroll down to the Log buffer size item
  • Usually a value is preset but we are going to deactivate it

With this setting, according to Chinese users, the Xiaomi Mi 11 will be able to use 120 Hz in all apps, including those games that don't accept it. This does not mean that the games go to 120Hz, but that in this way we will be able to free the limit imposed on the screen and that the GPU and CPU will do the rest, reaching maximum performance. It should be noted that this procedure will significantly impact battery life.

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use me
use me
19 days ago

Thank You !!!! It worked !!!

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