Xiaomi leads the ranking of the most fluid smartphones: here are the best models

Also this month Xiaomi is in first position, but not for the most performing smartphones (even if it is in the top 5 of that ranking), but for the more fluid ones. Today we take it as a reference point Master Lu, another Chinese benchmark platform that deals not so much with assessing power as, in fact, the fluidity of the devices. We will see later what are the evaluation parameters for this benchmark. But what are the brand's smartphones in this ranking? A super top of the range and a medium range: My 11 Ultra e Mi 11 Lite.

Master Lu releases the ranking of the most fluid smartphones of March 2021: Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra in the lead, accompanied by the mid-range Mi 11 Lite

Below is the ranking of 35 smoother smartphones last month, pointing out how Xiaomi once again she managed to get there first. But before seeing in detail the characteristics of the “winning” smartphones, let's see what are the parameters that Master Lu uses for its benchmarks. In short: this test measures the file copy speed, moving links on the home page

, loading web pages and applications, as well as the gallery loading speed and photos. That said, here is the ranking.

xiaomi mi 11 ultra smoother smartphone

In the first place we could not fail to find the latest top of the range of the company, Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra. Beyond the aesthetic characteristics of the device, which do not concern us at this moment, the device has managed to be appreciated by totaling a total of 208.36 points. Recall that the device came out with MIUI 12 but now it runs MIUI 12.5, which works quickly and smoothly. Everything is also facilitated by the 120 Hz screen and from the platform Snapdragon 888.

We said there is also Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite, but you rightly won't find it immediately below. It is in fact in 14th position. And why on earth should we praise him? Simple, because it is the only mid-range up to that point. Indeed, even after him we find top of the range such as Meizu 18 Pro or Mi 10S.

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16 days ago

Of course the new Mi 11 Ultra is a real marvel on all fronts

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