Xiaomi Mi 7: new renderings confirm the absence of the notch

The mystery that surrounds the Xiaomi Mi 7 becomes more and more dense, because all the rumors we have talked about to you now seem to collapse like a house of cards after a gust of wind. And in this case it is a real typhoon, because more renderings appear on the net that seem to confirm what was said yesterday in this article. After a long time we focused on the fact that the innovative top of the range of Xiaomi will adopt a design characterized by the presence of the notch to the iPhone X, now it seems that in reality this is not true. In fact, the images just published on the net capture the attention because the Mi 7 not only will not have the notch but its display will cover almost the entire available surface, totaling around the 95% of body-to-screen-ratio.

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To this then we add the fact that probably the 7 Mi could actually be called Mi 8 in honor of the eighth anniversary that sees the presence of Xiaomi in the smartphone market, a number that in the Chinese folk tradition is considered lucky. In reality Xiaomi does not need luck because over time it has been able to establish itself for its quality / price ratio and the extreme passion it puts in its products. To see better the design of the probable Mi 7 / Mi 8 is similar to the recent Mi Mix 2S but overturned. In fact, the lower frame is decidedly reduced, while the upper one that houses the capsule, the various sensors and the selfie camera is more marked.

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But we note the absence of the fingerprint sensor on the back, confirming the rumors that provide for the adoption of the latter under the display of the Chinese flagship. And the Face Unlock 3D? Apparently this seems to be reserved for the Mi 7 / Mi 8 with notch, as the versions to be presented at the end of the month could be two, in order to satisfy the tech appetite of the Mi Fans. Indeed in the Mi Store application, a model appeared for a few moments, which seems to celebrate the company's eighth anniversary and distinguished by the number 8 instead of the image of the smartphone even if we do not exclude that the image is a fake.

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Xiaomi Mi 7: new renderings reveal the absence of the notch

And the other doubt is just when the future top of the Xiaomi range will be presented. The date of the previously leaked 23 May has never been officially confirmed from the company, which to date is not unbalanced, but only limited to fix one event to be held in Shenzen, in which according to Lei Jun will be many products to be launched on the market on that occasion. On the social Weibo, however, between the lines you can see the wording 5.31 and this suggests that the launch of Mi 7 will take place on May 31.

In short, the hype for this terminal is increasingly felt and honestly it does not matter if some sources mention a price that could get to touch the 3999 yuan, about 532 euro at the current exchange rate (always almost half compared to iPhone X and various competitors), because Mi 7 could be the most complete and beautiful smartphone of the Mi series.

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