Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer Edition: here is the first and wonderful hands-on

We were waiting for it from the 31 May, when Xiaomi presented the Mi 8 Explorer Edition, the top of the range celebrating the eighth anniversary of the foundation of the company and that on balance he managed to make millions of users fall in love simply by showing himself. And beauty lies all in the transparent back cover which shows the technology soul of the device, made of chips and circuits, exposing the true essence of the company, which with care and passion has been producing smartphones with an excellent quality / price ratio for 8 years. Among other features we find a performing processor Snapdragon 845 and a Dual frequency GPS but the real news we find in the fact that the fingerprint sensor has been placed under the display and that Mi 8 Explorer is the first Android device to offer phone unlocking through face recognition in 3D.

But we know better this wonderful example of smartphone starting from the sales package that looks like a kind of high jewelery box with sliding opening and the number 8 embossed with gold font. By removing the cover you immediately access the prestigious Mi 8 Explorer that live it seems even more beautiful than the render appeared until now. Many have wondered if the transparent back cover simply showed a sticker, but nothing more wrong has ever been attributed to Xiaomi that just today has unveiled the mystery of so much beauty, and that on balance it turns out to be real material, but not working, in short Xiaomi has customized a "decorative motherboard" for the Mi 8 Explorer version, inserting it above the normal motherboard. Judge for yourself !!!

For functional reasons, the upper part of the mobile phone motherboard is usually equipped with a thermal paste that dissipates heat, which is not nice to expose directly for this reason the choice of Xiaomi to elaborate a second decorative card. HTC had already proposed something similar in the past, but Xiaomi has gone further by adopting a transparent color for the entire surface of the back cover. Naturally the decorations do not refer only to the circuits of the upper part of the 8 Explorer but also the lower one where the recharge and battery connectors are located. But what you have to pay attention to is the extraordinary attention to detail, such as red colored power button that recalls the charging cable and the internal connector to the Type-C input and the decorative ring on the dual rear camera.  I bet you have watering in your mouth.

But as mentioned at the beginning, the news does not concern only the design but also the features offered such as unlock the device by recognizing the face in 3D

or with the fingerprint sensor integrated into the display. In fact in the much loved / hated notch we find a series of elements like the infrared camera, the various sensors and the optical module for 3D detection. It is the same Xiaomi to declare that the inspiration comes from Apple with its iPhone X, but the Chinese OEM has decided to do better with its Mi 8 Explorer increasing the sensitivity of recognition in a superlative way, with error rate of one millionth, making for the first time this technology more secure than the fingerprint, which we remember on Mi 8 Explorer Edition is integrated under the display.

Adopting the fingerprint sensor below the display is certainly not new, but in this case the one integrated into Mi 8 Explorer is the fact that the sensor is helped by an additional pressure sensor, in order to avoid unnecessary breakouts caused by touching the display. The first tests seem to define this fastest unlocking solution ever adopted on a Xiaomi device. Someone might think for which reason to integrate two systems of unlocking, equally valid ... Xiaomi loves to amaze and above all it gives to the user the possibility to always choose to the top. In short, the release with the fingerprint sensor is perhaps more immediate but think about how many times you have your finger wet with sweat or for other activities ... in these cases having the release with the face is really an excellent solution. Finally we recall further technical features, such as a 6,21 inch AMOLED-type display provided by Samsung, 12 MP dual camera with Sony IMX363 f / 1,8 primary sensor and four-axis stabilized optics.

Of course some compromises must be taken into account as the fact that the battery changes from a capacity of 3400 mAh to 3000 mAh, due to the hardware changes just listed. But other elements have improved like the RAM that is proposed with 8 GB cutting while the storage reaches 128 GB. We hope to see it soon in the various stores that also import in Italy, although the price will not be really cheap considering that in China the Mi 8 Explorer was launched with a list of 3699 yuan, about 464 euro, therefore we must wait for one market price for Europe of at least 650 / 700 euro. And will you buy it?

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