Xiaomi Mi A3: still trouble with the new firmware update

For all lovers of Xiaomi's Android One project, bad news seems to be on the agenda now. In particular, users of the Mi A3 device, after experiencing a real odyssey with the release of the major release software Android 10, are now experiencing yet another firmware scuffle, as the new update that is reaching the devices seems to contain a big error , that is, it refers to a specially modified firmware version for the Mexican mobile operator Telcel.

The offending update for Xiaomi Mi A3 responds to the version V11.0.3.0.QFQMXTC released for all global users, but in reality this update should have reached only the devices associated with the operator Telcel, whose main market is the Mexican one. At the moment it seems that the problem has occurred to users in Colombia, Ecuador and India, who have precisely complained about this problem.

Xiaomi Mi A3: still trouble with the new firmware update

The main problem, in addition to having to deal with a modified ROM for a market other than that of Xiaomi Mi A3, is that the ROM also brings a large amount of bloatware belonging to the Telcel operator, a little as happens with custom ROMs for operators like Vodafone, Tim etc .. But these bloatware do not seem to be able to be eliminated as they are part of the system.

So if in these hours you have received the update notification with version V11.0.3.0.QFQMXTC, it is strongly recommended not to run it, so as not to receive unwanted changes belonging to the Telcel operator, unless you are a user who lives in Mexico. We wait for Xiaomi to give an explanation of what happened and that it will soon remedy all users who are complaining about the problem.

Given all the vicissitudes with Android One, is it appropriate to abandon this project? Perhaps yes, considering that there is no news of a probable Mi A4, which of these times should have already arrived on the scene.


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