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The Xiaomi Mi Air True Wireless Earphones are official: Specifications and price

After the indiscretions a few months ago and the new ones render leaked just yesterday evening, Xiaomi's new wireless headphones became reality; here is the Xiaomi Mi Air True Wireless Earphones.

The Xiaomi headphones come, in fact, with the TWS (True Wireless Stereo) technology, this means that the two earphones are totally independent and we have no cable that unites them, as we were used to seeing before the release of Apple AirPods. From the product of the Cupertino house, Xiaomi also seems to have also borrowed the design, at least for the case with integrated battery very similar to that of the AirPods. Regarding the cuffs instead, Xiaomi preferred a more in-ear design, ie they go deeper into the ear, which usually involves deeper bass and soundproofing.

The Xiaomi Mi Air True Wireless Earphones are official: Specifications and price

Xiaomi Mi Air True Wireless Earphones


The Xiaomi Mi Air weigh only 5,8 grams each, are waterproof up to IPX4 and inside we find 7mm speakers in boron alloy, neodymium and magnetic iron, with titanium-plated diaphragms. This configuration, according to Xiaomi, should bring a wider range of frequencies, a clearer, more realistic and delicate audio.

These wireless headsets also have an infrared optical sensor that helps you understand if someone is wearing them or not, so when removed they will automatically pause so you do not miss a single second of music.

Xiaomi Mi Air True Wireless Earphones

Other technologies on board the Xiaomi Mi Air True Wireless Earphones include support for the AAC codec for high quality audio, touch buttons to pause / play a song, activate the voice assistant, call a contact and much more. Furthermore, Xiaomi allows you to use the AI ​​assistant of your own home and third parties with a simple double tap.

The Xiaomi Mi Air True Wireless Earphones have an autonomy of 3 hours and can be recharged in one, while with 10 minutes of charging we will have 70 minutes of use, thanks to fast charging. Obviously, the case with integrated battery extends the autonomy, specifically by two more times, for a total of about 10 hours of music playback.

Xiaomi Mi Air True Wireless Earphones

The Xiaomi TWS headphones will go on sale (in China) for 399 Yuan (50 €) the 11 January.

Pierpaolo Figuccia
Pierpaolo Figuccia

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5 years ago

Hi, do you know when in Italy?
thank you


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5 years ago

small update for the editorial staff: apparently two different models of airdots pro have been certified….

Mi True Wireless Earphones
Bluetooth 4.2

Mi Freedom Buds Pro
Bluetooth 5.0

Anyway, it seems that the only difference is the BT technology adopted. Too bad because they are not smart at all, as are the youth editions: everything is handled with too many double touches
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When they could in dual headphone mode put single tap for play / pause, double tap next song, hold 2s R for assistant, 2s L for ANC