Xiaomi Mi Band 5: confirmations for NFC payments and Alexa voice commands arrive

We have just told you about the advent of the Xiaomi Mi Band 4C, which will debut on the occasion of the launch of Redmi 9A, the awaited Xiaomi Mi TV Stick and a new pair of TWS cheap headphones of clear inspiration to the most famous Mi Air Earphones, but many are awaiting the debut in Europe of the Xiaomi Mi Band 5, renewed not so much in design but as in the software and features offered.

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There has even been rumors of the arrival of a Pro and a Lite version, but in all likelihood the Global variant of Xiaomi's fitness tracker could be limited to the version presented in China a few weeks ago. We do not have a certain date but certainly the month of July will give birth to the new generation smartband, which could not only make a "encore" of success like the past generations but could even exceed the records recorded in the past due to functionality which until now were exclusive to China.

we band 5

Xiaomi Mi Band 5: confirmations for NFC payments and Alexa voice commands arrive

In fact, according to what told by foreign colleagues of the blog SmartDroid, in the software related to the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Global some truly unique functions were found for the price range and type of product to which the wearable low cost of the Chinese brand is placed. By sifting through the icons extracted from the software, you can see those related to voice commands via Amazon Alexa, while if you prefer Google Assistant, you will have to put your soul in peace.

Another novelty would concern payments via NFC, albeit with some limitations, as the function currently seems exclusive to the Mastercard circuit, therefore owners of Visa or other circuits will not benefit from this feature, at least at the moment because it could only be a temporary block due to existing agreements. In any case, controlling the devices and chatting with Alexa while paying for a coffee at the bar via NFC will now be possible with the new Mi Band 5 ... let's just hope it's not a mistake !!!


Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Global from Europe
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