Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Global: the "official" price for Europe emerges and it is top!

With or without NFC, with or without blood oxygenation control? In short, regardless of these features one of the most interesting and expected products of this first half since 2020 is the Xiaomi Mi Band 5. Indeed, it is perhaps the most anticipated considering that Xiaomi Mi Mix 4 probably will not see the light before the end of the year. But regardless of this, do we know what the official price of the new smartband will be? It seems so and it is a well-known Indian leaker to communicate it to us. It's about the trusty Sudhanshu that when it comes to these things he is never wrong.

The "official" price of Xiaomi Mi Band 5 has been revealed: we expected more to be honest considering the available features

Yesterday a shy Tweet from the leaker would have confirmed that the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 price would be only 39.99 €. Initially, when we started talking about features and specifications that could have been present on the new queen of smartband, it was rumored that the price could exceed 40 € in Europe. We are actually there, but if we consider that the Mi Band 4 was sold for € 10 less on its release we can say that this is the best price to buy it.

mi band 5 pro and lite

As far as we know, three variants may be available for this product: standard, Lite and Pro. Although there are succulent leaks to confirm it, we are not sure that the launch of all three variants will take place in July. Indeed, one of the three models will be launched just next month and it will probably be the standard version.

Returning to the price discussion, it is doubtful that such a launch price is the best at which Xiaomi could place it. We imagined that the final cost was higher than the fourth version given the presence of Amazon Alexa, NFC, SP02 and so on, but we would never have thought of a € 10 discount. Anyhow this is not an official price but only of a leak, so it is necessary to take it with caution.

What do you say? Would you buy it at this price? Ah, don't forget that several coupons will also be available for grab it at an even lower price, follow us!

Xiaomi Mi Band 5 Global
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Source | Twitter

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