Xiaomi Mi Band 6 celebrates sales with a very rich limited edition box

Xiaomi Mi Band 6 and finally also arrived to us and its sales, both in China and in Europe, are confirming the obvious: Xiaomi's smart bands are the most popular. Despite the absence of one of the most requested features, namely the GPS module (not to mention the NFC!), The smartband is selling like never before and in China today the million units sold. A milestone that was announced, but we didn't think it would happen in less than a month. How is it celebrated? With a limited edition!

Xiaomi Mi Band 6 celebrates the million units sold with a very special edition: a box that contains, in addition to her, the other 5 smartbands!

As anticipated, today is a special day for the Mi Band 6 as it has been exceeded one million units sold. This is probably a record, albeit globally, as not even a month has passed since its debut in the mother country. The number of Mi Band 6 sold is to be understood all over the world and therefore takes all the Chinese and Western markets as a reference. To celebrate this happy event here is that Xiaomi has unveiled one special edition box


As we can see, within the so-called "Mi Band Limited Gift Box"There is not only the Mi Band 6, but all the other smart bands that preceded it. From 2014 in fact, the first smart bracelet built by Huami for Xiaomi has started the climb to success. The second version was placed on the market two years later, in 2016. Later we find the Mi Band 3, released in 2018, the latest in black and white. In 2019 instead the revolution: the fourth edition and first in color who has grossed an infinite amount of money.

Finally, in the last two years, smartband number 5 and 6, the last one, has fallen. In all this, however, we have always seen thelack of key features like NFC and GPS. We were really hoping for the last one, but apparently we will have to wait a little longer.

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