Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Pro is already available for purchase!

Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Pro officially debuted in China a week ago and brought with it features that, alas, in the Global market we will struggle to see this year. Oh yes, because perhaps this model equipped with GPS will not officially come to us. However, it is possible to import it into our "world" thanks to e-commerce such as TomTop. Thanks to him, in fact, we will be able to have the Xiaomi smartband in its seventh edition complete with GPS, NFC and screen increased. But having said that, let's summarize all its features.

Where to buy Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Pro? Below is all the information to get it at a pretty good price: smartband with GPS for everyone!

The Xiaomi Mi Band 7 Pro smartband is equipped with a screen AMOLED rectangular from 1.64" with a density of 326 pixels per inch (456 x 280 against 490 x 192 in the standard version). This time Xiaomi has abandoned the classic egg design, making the device look like a normal smartwatch thanks to a rectangular design. However, it remains easy to replace the straps, which are also slightly larger. Mi Band 7 Pro has more than 180 exclusive watch faces and support for the always-on screen function also called Always on Display o AoD, which allows you to always see the time and other useful information at a glance. 

xiaomi mi band 7 pro

As anticipated, for the first time in the Mi Band series a module is included GPS integrated, which allows you to record the owner's path even without a smartphone. In this article an insight into independent GPS.There is support for Beidou, GLONASS, Galileo e QZSS. At the sport level, we find declared support for 117 sport modes and 10 running courses. 

With moderate use, the Mi Band 7 Pro is able to work for Orders shipped to Europe with standard and up to 6 days with moderate use. There is also fast charging. Xiaomi's smartband also has NFC integrated and the case can withstand immersion in water with pressure up to 5 atmospheres. The smartband can be purchased by clicking on the button under a price di 73 € with shipping and taxes included. Recall that it comes from China and is not the Global version.

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But is the app in Italian?