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Xiaomi Mi Box Mini vs New Chromecast: differences, advantages and defects between the two

During the presentation event held by Google the day before yesterday, in addition to the presentation of the two new Nexus smartphones, of which we have already made a comparison on the technical characteristics with the Xiaomi Mi Note Pro | Xiaomi Mi Note Pro vs Huawei Nexus 6P: Comparative Specifications |, there was also that of the new Chromecast models. The first, simply called "New Chromecast" and the second, called Chromecast Audio.

Today, we want to make another comparison between Google products and Xiaomi products. Since we do not have a counterpart for the Chromecast Audio, we'll go on a comparison between the New Chromecast and the Xiaomi Mi Box Mini. Both have been designed for multimedia streaming, so the comparison seems to be very good.


From an aesthetic point of view, we face two very different philosophies: the Xiaomi Mi Box Mini is a 5 cm cube per side that connects directly to the electrical socket while the new Chromecast is a very crushed cylinder (form designed to improve receiving antennas) equipped with an HDMI connector and a micro USB connector for power supply.

New Chromecast

From the hardware point of view, we find that the new Chromecast has something more, especially with regard to Wi-Fi connectivity, in fact, we added standard support 802.11 ac, which greatly increases the bandwidth and data transfer rate compared to the 802.11 standard n supported by the Xiaomi Mi Box Mini.

Analyzing the software, even in this case we prefer the new Chromecast. Of course, our choice is mainly based on the ease of use for us Italians (the UI of the Xiaomi Mi Box Mini is completely in Chinese, as well as most of the services offered).

To conclude, let's talk about price: the Xiaomi Mini PC is offered, at the change, at about 30 € while the new Chromecast is proposed to 39 euro. This is a difference of 25% but for ease of use and specifications, you Italian users who follow us are advised to purchase the new Chromecast. How do you see it? Do you prefer the Xiaomi Mi Box Mini in some areas (hardware, software, aesthetic, etc.)?

via | Xiaomi Fans Italia

Simone Rodriguez
Simone Rodriguez

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