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Xiaomi renames its fitness application and turns to Zepp | Update

Since Huami has changed its legal name to Zepp Health, there have been many changes in the apps dedicated to fitness. Removing the gradual abandonment of Mi Fit, now all SmartWatch and smartband they are 100% usable with the Zepp application. We learn today from Xiaomi that the app Xiaomi Sport changed its name to Zepp Life. A change that comes quietly, without prior announcements, and that all in all will not change the fate of the application in terms of use. Let's see the details of the news.


Xiaomi Sports, the application similar to Mi Fit and Zepp, changes its name: it now becomes Zepp Life at least in China. No change, but also for us?

Xiaomi announced which will rename its sports app to Xiaomi Sport in ZeppLife. Additionally, as a brand offering wearables with a significant number of users around the world, the brand will also launch a new app. Mi Sports Health. This will go to replace Mi Fit as an official and proprietary app for all wearable devices. Clearly the announcement for now only concerns the China and we do not know if this news will come to us too. For now, however, using the Zepp app we shouldn't run into any problems. Except if we use Apple: indeed Zepp for iOS has had several problems lately.

xiaomi sport changes its name and becomes zepp life

The new application will gradually support the migration of original user data. In the future, Xiaomi will continue to optimize the Zepp Life application as well as the upcoming Mi Sports Health. But why is this happening? For encourage companies in the ecological chain to develop their own brands, Xiaomi has agreed to rename the existing Xiaomi Sports ”into Zepp Life, a sports and health application independently owned and operated by Zepp Health.

The Zepp Life app supports Mi Band 1 to 6, smart scales and all products too Amazfit.


After a couple of days we noticed, also thanks to your reports, that the change has reached Mi Fit. Consequently Mi Fit has changed its name to Zepp Life… And maybe that's good

Gianluca Cobucci
Gianluca Cobucci

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2 years ago

It seems positive to me that the new app supports all products as you say and not on the contrary as it happens today that you have to use zepp for the smartwatch and mifit for the Xiaomi scale ... we hope