Xiaomi Mi GaN Charger 33W presented in China for only 79 yuan (10 €)

Xiaomi continues to innovate more and more in the field of fast charging with yet another product that should improve the charging of our devices.

Xiaomi Mi GaN Charger 33W presented in China for only 79 yuan (10 €)

Xiaomi Mi GaN Charger 33W

The brand has in fact just launched the new Xiaomi Mi GaN Charger 33W in China at the price of 79 yuan, on 10 euros at the current exchange rate, with sales starting at 10 on February 25. Day in which we will see the presentation of the series Redmi K40, the new RedmiBook and the Redmi TV Max second generation.

Returning to the charger, this is produced by the ZMI company which is part of the Xiaomi ecosystem and is given in a set with the 33 W GaN charger (with USB Type-C interface) and a USB Type-C charging cable to USB Type-C 3A.

The charger uses gallium nitride technology and is ultra-small in size. In particular, compared to Xiaomi's previous 33W USB Type-C charger, the dimensions are reduced by 56%. Externally we then have a very minimalist and simple design.

Xiaomi Mi GaN Charger 33W

As the name suggests, the charger supports up to a maximum power of 33W and can intelligently identify the output current so that it is compatible with any device. Whether it's Apple, Android or Switch products, the Xiaomi Mi GaN Charger 33W will have no problem recharging them at the right current without damaging the product or the charger itself.

In practice, the charger can take 58 minutes to fully charge a Xiaomi Mi 100T Pro. While with the Xiaomi USB Type-C to Lightning data cable, you can charge an iPhone 10 by 12% in 60 minutes.

However, it should be noted that due to the limitations of the output voltage, the Xiaomi Mi GaN Charger 33W charger does not support charging laptops.

Finally, in terms of safety, the charger uses high-precision resistance and capacitance sensing devices, which support short-circuit protection, over-current protection, over-temperature protection and over-voltage protection.

25 February 2021 16: 55
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