Xiaomi Mi Max 3 compares with its predecessor, but nothing MIUI 10

Now very little is missing at the launch of Xiaomi Mi Max 3, the new phablet of the Chinese company that It all points to the large display by well 6,99 inches with Full HD + resolution and form factor in 18: 9. And so for the haters of the notch, I'll be a real treat to enjoy multimedia content on a panel of this size. Now by Mi Max 3 we really know everything, there was perhaps only the confirmation about the processor that is not slow to arrive.

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Xiaomi Mi Max 3 compares with its predecessor, but nothing MIUI 10

In fact some preview leak images show us the device on the phone info screenor, which shows that the processor will clock from 1.8 GHz, so it will be the chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 to feed the titanic smartphone that unfortunately it will not be launched with the new MIUI 10 interface, but with the version of MUI 9 on an 8.1.0 Android base and security patches stopped in May 2018. Surely it will not be long in coming the new interface for Mi Max 3, but it would have been great to see the new features in action on the Chinese phablet that in the case of the photo is the 4 GB version of RAM and 64 GB of internal storage, expandable via micro SD, giving up the Dual SIM functionality.

In fact, another image shows us the back of the device from which unfortunately the plate relative to the supported networks is not clearly visible, but I do not want to be wrong, unfortunately the 20 band will not be present as previously declared. Images appeared online also put to I compare the Mi Max 3 with its predecessor, the Mi Max 2, where the optimization work that Xiaomi has reserved for the new device, which thanks to the form factor in 18: 9 is narrower and therefore ergonomics will be guaranteed. However, the dual room is large battery from 5500 mAh will be features appreciated by all lovers of the so-called "padelloni", and I personally have a Mi Max 2, I can not wait to put my hand on the new generation.



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