Xiaomi Mi MIX 2s: new details and a design that is a bit 'turn up your nose!

You could make a meme on the most anticipated smartphone of the moment: Buzz Lightyear that exclaims "Mi MIX 2s ... I MIX 2s everywhere!" To a Woody with a discouraged face. This is because the future top-range smartphone of the Chinese company is literally monopolizing our attention and not a day goes by when it does not talk about itself.

xiaomi I mix 2s

We talked about it for example in an official capacity, showing you teaser and bringing back information from Xiaomi itself, but even more we have brought it into play during rumors and rumors coming from the web. Today we will do a bit 'one and a bit' the other, reporting all the latest news concerning him.

Xiaomi releases a new teaser for the Mi MIX 2s: what would you like to tell us?

Let's start with a recent teaser published yesterday by the Chinese social media profiles of Xiaomi. As you can see, we have a character that with both hands can draw a square and a circle. Let's face it, it is not by all to succeed in this enterprise, as it could be not from all the particular features of the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2s to which the GIF in question could refer.

xiaomi I mix 2s


According to some hypotheses, in fact, the teaser, once again, could refer to the smartphone's camera, a unit composed of two sensors that, like the skilled designer's hands, work independently of each other as they are optimized for completely different scenarios .

Being clearer, the above hypotheses want a Xiaomi Mi MIX 2s equipped yes with a dual rear camera, but not traditional: a sensor could be used by the smartphone to take pictures in good lighting conditions, the other, independent of the first also from the hardware point of view, it could be optimized for night shots. Very suggestive speculation ... will it correspond to the truth?

New details come from the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2s firmware!

Let's go further and dwell on what we can now define leaked information. Once again it is the stolen firmware of Mi MIX 2s the harbinger of the latter, firmware that confirms the position of the front camera in the lower right corner and how the smartphone will be the first model of the company to benefit from the collaboration with Google in the ARcore project in the context of augmented reality.

xiaomi I mix 2s

xiaomi I mix 2s

Finally, we come to an image that could make many people turn up their noses, here it is. In it you see two smartphones, one of which is definitely the Mi MIX 2. The one on the left, however, has been labeled as the MIX 2s, a device that in my opinion loses its charm because of that dual camera that does nothing but recall the lines seen on Apple's iPhone X. It could be a fake, of course, and I sincerely hope so.

xiaomi I mix 2s

This is all for the moment, see you at the next news!

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