Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S, unveiled the mystery of the "notch" camera

Il 27 March it will be the day in which it will be celebrated presentation of the highly anticipated Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S, the first smartphone of the Chinese company to be equipped with the powerful Snapdragon 845 processor. But if the technical data sheet seems to be confirmed remains a mystery that envelops the design of the future device top of the range and especially that relating to the front camera. In fact the various rumors and leaks that have appeared in these days have shown us more variations, from the placement of the same in the upper right corner enclosed in a sort of notch called "notch" to others that instead did not even show its presence, suggesting that it could be enclosed in a sort of retractable mechanism.

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In these hours, however, u appearedn video that clearly shows the front design of the 2S Mi Mix, partly similar to the previous generation but with the adoption of the "notch" camera. This would involve one serious change to the MIUI firmware to allow the various apps to work in symbiosis with the new camera design, something that in a certain sense can be seen from the video in which the icons generally placed in the upper right corner are moved to the left. We cannot give security on the authenticity of the video but personally I think it is a fake. Probably a sort of hole-in-the-wall sticker was applied in the center to simulate the hole in the camera, as you can see that the display actually reaches the so-called "notch" from which the backlight of the display comes out. The quality of the video is very poor and therefore the doubts remain.

we mix 2s

Ma to put an end to the question is just Xiaomi, who published a teaser through the various social channels which shows the profile of Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S that overlooks the city of Shanghai, city where the launch event of the new smartphone will be held. From image the absence of the camera in the upper right corner is clear which therefore categorically denies the video above. This instead confirms the conclusions reached by the XDA colleagues that had analyzed the firmware of the 2S Mi Mix, which revealed between the strings of code the presence of the front camera inserted in the lower frame (presumably thinner) to the display, just like in the current Mi Mix 2. So what should we expect? Definitely a powerful smartphone thanks to the Snapdragon 845 CPU, a revisited design with even smaller frames and probably an improved photographic compartment that will consist of a double module on the back.

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