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Xiaomi Mi MIX 4 adopts a free-form lens: ultra wide 120 ° photos without distortions

In recent years, ultra wide angle lenses have become increasingly popular on our smartphones. In terms of composition, the ultra wide angle lens has obvious advantages, it can in fact “create space”, making the image more three-dimensional, rich in depth and interesting.

Xiaomi Mi MIX 4 adopts a free-form lens: ultra wide 120 ° photos without distortions

That said, smartphone ultra wide angle lenses face the problem of image distortion. Traditional ultra wide angle lenses mainly use fixed curvature symmetrical rotational aspherical lenses, which can cause distortion problems of up to 20%.

For distortion correction, devices usually use anti-distortion algorithms to achieve the correction function by cropping part of the image. But the problem with this is that cropping will cause some of the wide angle of view to be lost, making the image captured by the ultra wide angle lens less wide.

As you may have already guessed, the new Xiaomi Mi MIX 4 uses another anti-distortion method at the hardware level to obtain distortion-free ultra wide-angle shots.

In fact, the smartphone uses an ultra wide-angle lens with a free-form (free-form) surface. The free-form surface of the lens is more flexible and can calculate the aberration of each field of view of the holographic image. Each point of the image is corrected one by one, breaking the rotational symmetry, creating a unique curvature of the lens, without algorithmic cutting. So as to create an image even with an angle of 120 ° without distortion and with a wide field of view. Obviously by realizing anti-distortion at the hardware level, there is a higher image quality, the image is wider and truly super wide angle.

It is worth mentioning that the Mi MIX 4's ultra wide angle lens can not only achieve a wider viewing angle without any distortion at the hardware level, but it also has excellent center image quality.

After the super wide mode has been enabled, the main and super wide cameras will start shooting at the same time and the two photos will be merged into a single image via SmartFusion technology.

The viewing angle in the center of the image is about 85 ° as it is actually obtained from the main 100MP camera, while the surrounding part is obtained from the ultra wide angle lens. The super high resolution of the main camera is added to the center area of ​​ultra wide angle photos, which greatly improves the image quality of the center area, so great for photos of large landscapes or buildings.


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