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Xiaomi Mi MIX 4: here is the secret behind the camera under the display

Since the release of the first generation of the Mi MIX series, every smartphone manufacturer in the world has almost certainly created a team to develop a truly full screen design. After experimenting with various solutions such as 18: 9 screen, screen with notch, screen with hole and much more, Xiaomi has finally inaugurated one of the best current solutions: the camera under the display.

Xiaomi Mi MIX 4: here is the secret behind the camera under the display

The Xiaomi Mi MIX 4 just presented is equipped with a third generation CUP flexible screen solution, which takes into account the image quality of the display while carrying a full screen design.

But how is this ultra-innovative design achieved? Well Xiaomi today released a very detailed answer.

First of all, Xiaomi claimed that the camera under the CUP screen is just like the clear TV released earlier. It can have considerable transparency by rearranging the pixels and optimizing the substrate material, removing the TFT circuit under the pixels which mainly obstructs the light out. This is so that the space between the pixels can be used to transmit light.

Xiaomi Mi MIX 4

At the same time, to increase light transmission, it is necessary to continue expanding the pixel gap, so a single sub-pixel must be reduced accordingly. After shrinking, the RGB ratio of the pixels should be the same to ensure the display effect of the screen, and to reduce the diffraction phenomenon when the light passes through the screen, the shape of the pixel should be changed into a circle.

After reducing the pixel area and removing the TFT control circuit, the wiring circuit between the pixels must be changed to a transparent wire to further increase light transmission, reduce diffraction and change the wiring path to a shape wavy. This allows the screen to have considerable transparency, allowing the area to achieve 5 times the transparency of the normal viewing area.

But no one can defy the laws of physics. These efforts cannot make the diffraction completely disappear or make the screen completely 100% transparent. Therefore, the front camera under the screen also has to use software algorithms to optimize the image and compensate for the reduced amount of light.

On the production line, the Mi MIX 4 receives a color temperature calibration on the cameras below the screen one by one to match the screen and sensor hardware. After the user has taken a photo, the algorithm performs multi-frame HDR, noise reduction and RAW file focus operations, all of which to ensure that the selfies have acceptable quality.

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