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Xiaomi Mi MIX 4: Is this the first photo taken by the device?

A few days ago we reported the news of the possible presence of a very high level sensor on the next Xiaomi Mi MIX 4. In particular, the product director of Xiaomi, Wang Teng, had hinted that the device of the most innovative smartphone series produced by the Chinese giant will have a better main camera than the sensor Samsung GW1.

Well, today comes another clue that would confirm the fact that the Xiaomi Mi MIX 4 is relatively close to the official presentation. This is thanks to a photo taken by a smartphone and shared by Redmi's general manager and vice president of Xiaomi Group, Lu Weibing.

Xiaomi Mi MIX 4: Is this the first photo taken by the device?

XIaomi Mi MIX 4 watermark

As we can see in the image above in fact, besides the Xiaomi team that includes Weibing, we also note the presence of a watermark (watermark) in the lower left part. As you probably know, this is where the name of the smartphone that took the photo appears (if the option is activated).

XIaomi Mi MIX 4 watermark

In this case, however, the watermark has been deleted and we only see the word "SHOT ON M ..". This is most likely because Xiaomi is not yet ready for the release of the Mi MIX 4, although a fully functional prototype is already in circulation taking pictures.

That said, despite the fact that the Mi MIX 4 is the most popular hypothesis and almost certainly the most correct one, this remains only a rumor with no official confirmation. We therefore recommend taking this indiscretion with pliers.

Xiaomi Mi MIX 4 concept render

We remember in any case that according to the co-founder and CEO of Xiaomi, Lei Jun, the Xiaomi Mi MIX 4 will be a revolutionary smartphone that will bring at least one of three more than innovative technologies. We are talking in particular of a larger area of ​​the fingerprint sensor, so that you can unlock the device much more easily; we could see the "Super Charge Turbo" technology, that is the one that allows you to recharge your smartphone at a power of 100W (4000mAh battery recharged in 17 minutes); ending with the technology that will allow you to have the front camera under the display, for a truly full screen design without notches, holes or pop-up mechanisms.


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