What do you think of these live samples of the Mi Mix Alpha?

Il September 24th we have witnessed the presentation of the smartphone of the future, Mi Mix Alpha. Besides presenting itself really well thanks to his surround display which takes up almost the entire surface with 180.6% of screen ratio, under the body (or glass, to be more precise) there is a photo sensor from 108 megapixel. Obviously we know that they are not effective pixels but they reach that figure thanks to the technology "pixel binning”Which groups 4 into 1 making sure that the sensor captures more light. Beyond the criticisms on the "Concreteness" of such sensors that we hear from the exit of the Redmi Note 7, we want you to admire the quality of these photographs taken live by the Mi Mix Alpha on the occasion of 70 anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China that was celebrated today. What do you think?

sample mix alpha

sample mix alpha

What do you think of these live samples of the Mi Mix Alpha?

If you have problems viewing the photos in the article or you think there is some problem, you can also use the Drive link that we shared. By analyzing the shots well and magnifying we were amazed at how the tiles of the Watchtower can also be counted one by one

, or the building you see on the right. In reality these are not the first available samples that come from this smartphone: others were shown during the presentation. These, however, represent the "live" capacity of the primary sensor mounted on Mi Mix Alpha: Samsung HMX from 108 megapixel with sensor size from 1.33 ″, pixel size from 1.6 µm (4-in-1), opening f / 1.69 e OIS stabilization at 4 axes (therefore optic). To accompany this super sensor we have a wide-angle from 20 megapixel it's a telephoto lens from 12 megapixel.

Below are the two samples presented together with the device last September 24.

In short: what do you think? There was a lot of concern about the weight of the photographs taken by this sensor, but in the end it was just 13 / 14 MB. Seriously the quality is obviously exceptional and we can't wait to see other samples that will surely arrive soon.


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Matteo G.
1 year ago

Very interesting shots, but who knows when we will see this sensor on devices closer to real use

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