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Xiaomi Mi Notes 2: launch together with Mi5?

We report some very interesting indiscretions concerning him Xiaomi Mi Note 2, the successor of the current top range of the Chinese manufacturer, the Mi Note and My Notes Pro.

Xiaomi Mi Note 2: top specifications and launch in November!


My Notes 2

It is true that it is Xiaomi Mi5 is one of the most anticipated smartphones of the last few months of the 2015, but we must not forget that the appeal of the devices still to be presented still lacks the successor of the current top range of the Chinese manufacturer, namely the Xiaomi Mi Note e My Notes Pro. These two smartphones were officially presented in January 2015 so the time is ripe enough to start talking about Xiaomi Mi Note 2.

In fact it is proper of the Xiaomi Mi Note 2 that we will talk to you, and we will do it to communicate interesting indiscretions. An internal source in Xiaomi has revealed that one of the strong points of the next My Notes 2 it will mainly be its design, design that thanks to the adoption of materials such as glass e metal, and elegant colors, will be able to win a large share of users. What you see in the image below is a render of what the design of this Xiaomi Mi Note 2 should be; nothing confirmed of course, but if so would you like it?

My Notes 2

As for the hardware specifications, the new one Xiaomi Mi Note 2 should be equipped with a display with resolution 2k from the generous diagonal of 5.7 / 6 inches. The processor, as can be expected, should be powerful and promising Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 while memory cuts should be of 4 GB for RAM need 32 / 64 GB for internal storage. Cameras should be made by 8 megapixel the front one and by 16 megapixel the back one, equipped with this of optical image stabilizer.

It also seems that we will see this Xiaomi Mi Note 2 very early. According to the source, in fact, this smartphone will be presented together with Mi5 during the annual conference that every year Xiaomi held in November. Guys honestly it seems a bit strange to me that Xiaomi can present two smartphones of this level in the same launch event, so take everything with due precautions. We'll see what happens, stay tuned!


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