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Xiaomi Mi Pad 2 with Intel processor and metal shell

With Mi Pad, Xiaomi ventured for the first time in tablet industry achieving a discreet success and satisfaction from the users. But the Chinese company has something new in mind and because of this, in the last few weeks there has been a lot of talk about a possible Mi Pad 2 that many were waiting for the Xiaomi event where Redmi 2A was presented and which, according to the latest rumors, could be presented tomorrow. These rumors are supported by a lowering of the price of Xiaomi Mi Pad in the official store, symptom that, perhaps, Xiaomi wants to sell as many devices as possible before the advent on the market of successor.


A few days ago some webs appeared on the web Photos of what might be Mi Pad 2.

The first one takes all the device and was taken in a somewhat unusual location. The tablet is in fact taken up in front of a large stack of banknotes (maybe we will also find those in the sales package?). Design does not seem to be much revolutionized compared to the previous model and the image was unfortunately not accompanied by the technical characteristics of the device.




In the second one is depicted the shell of the tablet that seems to be, in the frame, made in metal:




Typically, before submitting a device, Xiaomi publishes an image on the web teaser which reveals some clue. The last of these images is a simple pair of cards (a Jacks of hearts and a spade). According to some Asian media, the two J would mean a price at the reach of everyone, referring to the cost of rice on Chinese territory.





As we also announced in the title, a series of rumors and circumstances, lead us to think that the next Chinese tablet might have a Intel processor (maybe Intel Atom Cherry Trail). Always on the day of tomorrow, one is also waiting for one presentation Intel where the company will most likely present its new processors. Maybe these two institutional events, connected? Who knows. Meanwhile, let's enjoy the already great Xiaomi tablet that remains a milestone in the company's history and can boast technical features of its own at a very affordable price.



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Simone Rodriguez
Simone Rodriguez

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