Xiaomi Mi Play - Review: WOW! But not even ...

La Xiaomi sew on the Mi Play the best of clothes. Too bad that, as they say, the dress does not make the monk ... nor the TOP OF THE RANGE.

With the Xiaomi Mi Play we were left with the unboxing done by our Simone directly in Shenzhen.

We have said that Xiaomi, for this reason MI PLAY, wanted to do things seriously by equipping it with a shimmering body to say the least.

If we stopped at the very first 15 minutes of use the expression of ecstasy on our face would indicate "I found the perfect smartphone"

Without the danger of spoilering my final considerations YES, The Mi Play is perhaps one of the most beautiful phones I've ever used.

-26% Xiaomi Mi Play - Review: WOW! But not even ...

Xiaomi Mi Play 4 / 64Gb

GRAT FREE Priority Line Delivery (10 / 15gg, No Customs) ✈

185€ 249€

Meanwhile, go see the videoreview and leave a like ... so ... just to start with.

Aesthetically it is perfect! Colorful, fun, handy and compact. But the "beautiful" is in the eye of the beholder and "de gustibus .."

After this festival of clichés we come to describe this small glimpse of Xiaomi.

Xiaomi Mi Play - Design

We discard the DHL package (eh yes ... if we want the Mi Play we have to make it arrive from China) and open the box with a "Play" colorful. Remove the box with the silicone cover anchessa with colored "Play" and take off the Play from the shaped cardboard.

Done? Well ... now let's admire it for a few minutes.

We admire the fact that Xiaomi has pushed (finally) to produce a device with display lower than the 6 inches (more precisely 5.84) and that, thanks to the solution already seen of the reduced frames and the drip notch, this generous display can be in one body by 147.76 x 71.89 with a Thickness of only 7.8 mm.

After dislocating the opposable thumbs with 6.4, 6.6 and beyond, the feeling of holding the Mi Play is very similar to that experienced at the time of Xiaomi Mi2S (good times).

Sturdy body, well finished and above all colored!

Color that stands out and dazzles if you look at the back cover in glass but that shines on the front of the display as the colored frames protrude slightly compared to the glass screen.

Did you understand that I like it?

Xiaomi Mi Play - Display

The 5.85 inch display is a 'IPS FHD + units from 1080 x 2280 pixels and 432 ppi of density. Pretty bright, with natural colors but above all with convincing blacks. What can not be discounted, since it is not AMOLED.

The Touchscreen is precise even if, in applications that require a strong use of multiple touches, sometimes you lose a few touches. This behavior, however, is not known whether it depends on the processor in trouble or a lower sensitivity of the touch panel compared to other devices.

Xiaomi Mi Play - Performances

We had told her that the dress is not a monk and, underneath these shimmering clothes, unfortunately her fragility is hidden.

Dedicated to the entry level market and low-end devices the Mi Play is equipped with CPU Mediatek Helio P35 that, while running well, almost everything goes easily into trouble and, in gaming sessions or intense use of multitasking, showcases its limits by significantly lending the device.

The model I tested compensates for the problems with multitasking thanks to well 6GB RAM memory but unfortunately this is not always enough to avoid slowdowns.

Xiaomi Mi Play - Battery

Since the product is designed for a low-end market I thought about testing the battery not with my usual stress days but with a classic use by "average user". So go to social networks, instagram, youtube, messages and little else all spread throughout the day.

The "solo" 3000mah battery surprised me.

It's true that the use was not intense, but thanks to the low energy consumption of the Helio P35, the Xiaomi Mi Play was able to follow me for well 2 days and a half with a total use of the display of 4 hours and something.

Not bad I would say!

Xiaomi Mi Play - Camera

We have said that the Xiaomi Mi Play is dedicated to "basic" users, to "basic" uses and also the photographic sector is very "basic".

In the series, the camera is there but if I have to take a picture better ask the friend to do it and share it.

In perfect light conditions the shots are not to be thrown away. The double 12 + 2mpx camera he behaves with dignity.

But as soon as the light drops, performance falls. So if we want to capture our beach holidays the Mi Play is fine, if we are more types from PUB ... forget it.

I show you some sample photos so you can tell me yours too.

Xiaomi Mi Play - Camera - Direct light

Xiaomi Mi Play - Camera - Poor light

Xiaomi Mi Play - Camera - Front

Xiaomi Mi Play - Software

The software mounted on this smartphone is the MIUI 10 Stable China. Unfortunately the GLOBAL version is not available and, from rumors, it seems it will never be released. So to get Italian we have to wait for the Xiaomi.EU. Overall, this MIUI version works well and, for those who get along with English, it is definitely usable.

Xiaomi Mi Play - Connectivity

We come to connectivity. As mentioned this is a device that, unfortunately, seems to be intended for the Chinese market only. This involves both SIMs do not have the possibility to connect to the 4G network on B20 band (800Mhz).

If this is not a drastically invalidating problem on most occasions, it is still a compromise that not everyone wants and can accept.

La lack of the B20 band involves the impossibility of connection in 4G in different Italian locations and, if until a few years ago the H + connection had respectable speed, for some time now it seems that without the 4G connection browsing or using applications such as Youtube or similar is definitely compromised.

Xiaomi Mi Play - Conclusions

With the Xiaomi Mi Play we are facing a two-faced specimen. The "WOW" face for aesthetics, manageability and compactness. The "Mah .." face once pitted the technical characteristics that, for the sake of news, correspond to the level required by the market segment to which they belong.

So, in a nutshell.

Do you need a smartphone that is cheap but guarantees security and practicality? Do you want to make a great impression with a gift that leaves you breathless? The Xiaomi Mi Play is for you!

Do you want a "definitive" device that allows you to work on the move? Well .. I advise you to raise the bar in a bit and aim at something more bodied ... someone has perhaps said Xiaomi Mi9?

Ah ... I almost forgot ... here is my video review that sums up a bit 'all what we said. 🙂

-26% Xiaomi Mi Play - Review: WOW! But not even ...

Xiaomi Mi Play 4 / 64Gb

GRAT FREE Priority Line Delivery (10 / 15gg, No Customs) ✈

185€ 249€

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7.6 Total score

Xiaomi Mi Play was born to catch the eye. Finely crafted shell with bright colors and premium finishes. But the Xiaomi Mi Play is not for everyone.

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