Xiaomi Mi Watch already receives the first update: a special attention also to Apple

The first smartwatch owner of Xiaomi he did a bang: tens of thousands of units were sold online in China within minutes, just the day of its launch. This device has aroused much interest for several reasons: first of all the similarity (but not so much if you look at it carefully) with the Apple Watch; secondly the features that not all smartwatches on this price range offer; finally, the price which is more than competitive for the features it offers. The Xiaomi Mi Watch but it was not and left to fend for itself and indeed the first update will already be available from 3 December. Let's see what improvements will be made.

Xiaomi Mi Watch already receives the first update: a special attention also to Apple

Qu Heng, director general of Xiaomi Ecological Chain, declared on the social Weibo that many Chinese users received and tested this device during these few days and promptly sent early feedback. Thanks to these, the team of developers working behind MIUI for Watch, the custom skin of MIUI designed specifically to run on this smartwatch, it has been able to study problems affecting the terminal.

Furthermore, Qu Heng stated that the first update via OTA it will be send starting from December 3. One of the most curious features is the usability improvement for iOS users: this makes us see how not only the genuine Xiaomists have an interest in the products of the Chinese giant, but also those of the American counterpart (or so it seems).

Below is the expected changelog:

App for iOS online
• iOS version for Mi Wear system apps in order to improve the user experience

Matching optimization and fix problems
• After pairing with the smartphone, minutes had to pass before the device could be fully used

Application market, navigation in the skin watch market, optimization of the download experience
• When downloading from the chosen market, the WiFi network will be used. This also makes the download experience more fluid

Fix notifications
• The device continues to receive app notifications even after they have been closed. This new update will solve this annoying problem

Interaction optimization of the Sogou input method
• The Sogou input method provides tutorials to guide users on how to change input methods

Optimization of weather
• Corrects the failure to update the information on the weather app
Finally we remember the most important features of the Mi Watch:
  • presence eSIM;
  • battery very roomy;
  • speaker independent;
  • linear motor for the vibration upon receipt of notifications;
  • module NFC for payments;
  • Qualcomm CPU high performance;
  • GPS Compass;
  • Wi-Fi e Bluetooth standard;
  • autonomy WOW


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Manuele Cusimano
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Manuele Cusimano

Is the heart rate monitor accurate? Is there no ecg like apple watch?

not ready yet

Hi, I wanted to ask you for information. Is it possible to download all the apps on this smartwatch?

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So if I understand correctly, xiaomi mi watch is currently only in Chinese?

Simone Collarini
not ready yet
Simone Collarini

But if I want to buy it with that app I have to sync it? Browsing I saw that there is the Chinese app MI WEAR ..

not ready yet

But is it possible to use the device in European territory?

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