Xiaomi Mi Watch - With ALEXA in ITALIAN it is too SMART ... but also EXCELLENT for SPORT !!! | REVIEW

Xiaomi seems determined to embark on a solo adventure in the smart wearable sector and so here is the new Xiaomi Mi Watch on which users have nourished very high expectations. Unfortunately, as happens for other devices, such as those branded Amazfit, some limitations compared to the Chinese variant are present, starting from the absence of the NFC but in the course of our review we will first understand if Xiaomi Mi Watch is a valid alternative to the many wearables that are saturating the market but even if the company has taken the right path to delight us in the future with other smartwatches.

Xiaomi Mi Watch comes with a design that is a mixture of elegance and sportiness, with a decidedly sturdy construction without however weighing down the general lines. We have a case made of polyamide reinforced with fiberglass, making it solid and resistant to scratches and bumps. On the right profile we find two buttons: the lower one is characterized by a red insert that recalls the word SPORT printed on the display ring and which in fact performs the function of recalling the monitoring of sports activities, but through the app it is possible to decide to associate other functions.

The upper key is aligned with the word HOME printed on the display ring and allows you to turn on the display, enter the system menu, return to the watch Home but holding it down for about 1,5 seconds calls up the Alexa voice assistant while if the period of pressure is extended to 2,5 seconds, then you access a menu where you can turn off, restart or reset the clock.

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At a glance, the rest of the profiles remain smooth and free of disturbing elements, but if we remove the strap, in the upper part of the case it is possible to see the system microphone with which to issue commands to the voice assistant. And the strap is another strong point of the Mi Watch: made of TPU with a texture that is decidedly pleasant to the touch but above all that is configured with very wide loops, which allow greater breathability of the skin during the most sporting phases. agitated where sweating could create discomfort and redness. We also have a double "piccanello" for closing the strap, avoiding the annoying flag effect. In any case, the strap offers the quick release system with a 22 mm pitch so that you can buy spare parts and create a completely customized outfit, thanks also to the presence of over 100 online watchfaces completely free and available through the companion app. Unfortunately the watchfaces cannot be customized with the complications while natively on the Xiaomi Mi Warch, with the latest update, up to 7 can be stored.

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Xiaomi Mi Watch is comfortable on the wrist, with a weight of only 32 grams relative to the case alone, while it rises to 49 grams with the whole strap but the diameter of the display, or 46 mm, in my opinion makes the wearable poco suitable for slim and / or feminine wrists. And speaking of display, we are talking about a 1,39-inch AMOLED unit with 454 x454 pixel resolution and 326 PPI definition which also enjoys the presence of the automatic brightness sensor, which proved to be very performing even in the presence of the function by Always On Display. In fact, while other wearables, with the active AOD are dim in reading information under direct sunlight, Xiaomi Mi Watch is always well readable in all light conditions. The only drawback is that the AOD does not work in sports monitoring mode, therefore the display can be awakened to read the athletic information, only with the gesture of the rotation of the wrist.

Perhaps I have not clearly specified that the display is circular in shape and in this regard I have to make a criticism of the system menu, which seems to adapt more to a square shape, but above all the icons are not at all up to the beauty aesthetics of the Mi Watch. A curiosity: the construction of the smartwatch was entrusted to the 70mai brand, a satellite company of the Xiaomi ecosystem, known above all for its excellent automotive solutions and which just recently has also ventured into the smart wearable sector.

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The Xiaomi smart watch also offers resistance to water and dust with the possibility of immersion up to a maximum of 5 ATM, which makes it perfect for use in the shower or in the pool, also being able to monitor swimming sports. The sensor department of Xiaomi Mi Watch is also quite complete and above all functional and reliable: we can in fact count on a 12 nm Airoha GPS chip with super fast localization based on 4 detection modes including Galileo. Like many other smartwatches equipped with localization, even Xiaomi Mi Watch enters a bit of crisis in environments where there are buildings and dense trees, which shield the GPS signal, but overall the wearable of Xiaomi was better than many other devices too. more expensive, first of all Apple Watch.

We then have an excellent PPG sensor for detecting heart rate H24 with the possibility of notifying by vibration when the heart rate reaches a high value, but we can also monitor the oxygenation of the blood, or the SpO2 value, with results that are always timely and online with measurements made by finger pulse oximeter. Among the values ​​related to health, Xiaomi Mi Watch, also allows the monitoring of sleep but without the possibility of detecting the daily "naps", but overall the beginning and end of our sleep with related sleep phases has always been accurate.

However, the stress index detected as well as the personal "energy charge" was astounding. Without going into detail, as the situations in which I was able to “benefit” from this reliability are VERY personal, I can say that Mi Watch has always hit the spot on my psycho-physical state.

Xiaomi Mi Watch
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Xiaomi Mi Watch - With ALEXA in ITALIAN it is too SMART ... but also EXCELLENT for SPORT !!! | REVIEW

Then there is the barometer and altitude sensor, but also the possibility of receiving a disconnection warning from the range of action of the Bluetooth from our smartphone. And speaking of connection, this takes place via Bluetooth 5.0, quickly and always stable. We then talk about autonomy, which by means of a 420 mAh battery that is recharged via a base with magnetic pogo pins in about 1,5 hours, easily reaches about 10/12 days with rather medium-intense use, but of course the values they can vary according to your use, how many notifications you receive, if you activate the AOD etc .. Anyway I can say that at least one full and intense week you bring it home.

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 But let's talk about smart and sports functions. Well, as regards the smart side, Xiaomi Mi Watch only allows you to receive notifications from every application on the smartphone, but without the possibility of response. However, we can view the emojis and above all the notifications are always distinct from each other and synchronized with the phone, so after reading on the watch, the notification will also be deleted from the smartphone view. Too bad the microphone is not used to be able to respond to some notifications, perhaps via Voice to Text.

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For calls we can view the ID and number of the calls, but of course not having a speaker available, we can only silence the notification (which occurs by means of vibration) or throw down the call. But in the smart side of Mi Watch I also insert the possibility of recalling Alexa, with the possibility of also controlling the home automation associated with it, whose feedback occurs by means of vibration and visual on the clock display. Furthermore, with the latest update, the possibility of taking photos / videos was introduced, using Mi Watch as a remote remote control for controlling the smartphone, whose operation is also guaranteed with third-party apps such as GCam.

The navigation in the menus is entrusted to comfortable gestures that allow us to move easily and quickly. With a swipe from the bottom up we can for example open the quick toggles while with a swipe down the notifications will open. With swipe to the right or left, you access quick functions such as heart rate monitoring, energy charge value, sleep monitor, weather, stress, SpO2, music control from the smartphone (all players supported including YouTube, Spotify, Deezer etc ..) and finally summary of daily activities. As already mentioned above, all functions are accessed via the upper button, where we can find other functions such as timer, stopwatch, sports history, breathing tutor, compass, flashlight, phone search but also the alarm, with the possibility of set the time directly from the Mi Watch.

As for sports monitoring, we can draw on 117 different activities, but we could not change the order of the information shown on the display. There is an automatic pause and the ability to set goals and alerts, in addition to the fact that the system allows us to automatically detect when we are exercising (at the moment you only support walking and running). Without making too many words, the collected data are hyper complete, so much so that we also have the VO2Max value available, but above all reliable, so no wrong or unreal value.

The smartphone application is Xiaomi Wear, which has reached a maturity such as not to regret the best known Mi Fit or Zepp, resulting at the same time complete and simple to consult. Overall we find ourselves in the classic well-organized cauldron in which all the data collected by the wearable are conveyed but if I have to make a negative note I do it when I cannot consult the GPS track in full screen or export it to other apps.


Xiaomi Mi Watch has satisfied my needs by revealing itself to be a rather complete and reliable device, also being able to count on a decent autonomy for a wearable equipped with a rather enviable sensor park. Personally I had started biased towards this device, in a negative sense, but with the use of these days my idea has changed radically for the better making me prefer it for example to the many Amazfit released in this period. It is certainly recommended for sportsmen, but also for those looking for smart functions that are different from the usual, such as Alexa support.

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8.9 Total score

Xiaomi Mi Watch is a complete and functional smartwatch. Excellent autonomy, good display and visibility even in direct sunlight, sublime reliability in the data collected and then the recent support for Alexa makes it one step away from perfection, net of some gaps.

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albet thoreau
albet thoreau
3 months ago

When will I see a detailed comparison with a polar or a garmin like this https://tinyurl.com/1we3rz6p then I will change my mind about the usefulness of these watches for sports. I'm certainly not talking about the top models, but at least with a low-end polar useful for jogging and low-intensity activities.

3 months ago

The news regarding the discount coupon is not true as once connected to the site it does not apply the discount.

Simone Rodriguez
3 months ago
Reply to  Alfio

I just checked and the coupon is still up and running. (See image).
You have to get to the payment, then on the top right you will find the COUPON section.
Down arrow, enter BGXWCS and then click on USA.

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