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Xiaomi Mi3S, Missing 4G LTE Connectivity

We've spent the last few weeks trying to light up and go as deeply as possible on 4G LTE situation in house Xiaomi. Only in yesterday's day, however, we have come to a conclusion, thanks to the words of the president and co-founder of the company Bin Lin"Xiaomi hopes to launch an LTE device as soon as possible"[...]"research in full swing".

Quite indiscreetly, I then appeared on the China Quality Certification Center - CQC 3 new devices linked to Xiaomi, certified on June 17 and classified according to the following codes: 2014501, 2014215 and 2014022.

Xiaomi Mi3S RedmiNote LTE and Xiaomi Mi4

From the scanned data sheet we can first see OEM manufacturing companies, in the case of the first device is the Wingtech Communicatios Inc., in the second and third cases instead it is the FIH Precision Electronics, a company belonging to the group Foxconn International Holdings. Secondly, the supported connectivity: the terminals labeled with code "2014501 ″ and" 2014022 ″ would support TD-LTE network, while the "2014215" only WCDMA 3G.

Xiaomi Mi3S

According to the first speculations, the "2014215" model would be the much-anticipated one Xiaomi Mi3Sunfortunately, a device at this point that we had already spotted some time ago and featured dual-band WiFi, Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor from 2.5 Ghz, 3GB of RAM, 16GB of storage and, in fact, also to be without support to 4G LTE networks, while the other two would match the 4G LTE version of Redmi Notes and the future topgame Xiaomi Mi4.

There seems to be confirmation, so the Xiaomi Mi3S will really be without LTE connectivity? We'll know soon enough, it looks like the launch will be in July!



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