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Xiaomi Mi3S, new rumors about the abandonment of the project

As we have already reported in this post, the rumors that emerged on some of the most authoritative Chinese hi-tech portals are incredible: the Xiamo Mi3S project could be really abandoned. To support the veracity of this rumor at the moment there would be nothing, and indeed others emerged (perhaps it would be better to call them conjectures) ready to increase in us disappointment and discomfort.

Shocking all Mifan would undoubtedly be the prolonged silence of the company, which, very often, leaves an imminent launch, strangely no rumor, no picture (remember last November that Mi3 images emerged in advance?) . According to some rumors, this overwhelming delay would be due to the problems of supplying and implementing 2K Quad-HD 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution displays.


At present, then, it would be difficult to introduce the new Mi3S on the market at the Xiaomi standard price of 1999 Yuan (about euros), the price should rise too much and it would end up aligning with that of brands that do not make price their main competitive lever. . Perhaps it would have been better to have the new Xiaomi already on the market with minimal upgrades compared to the Mi3: 4G LTE, better camera sensors and poco other.

display 2K

However, if the Xiaomi Mi3s were really abandoned, be assured that the Mi4 will display 2K 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution.

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