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Xiaomi Mi4 with MIUI 6, the complete review of

After a few weeks of intense testing, today we present the full review of the Xiaomi Mi4 with MIUI 6, the new Top Gamma home equipped with Snapdragon 801 and 3GB chip chipsets.

Despite the many criticisms of Xiaomi fans around the world, Mi4 is a well-made device, both hardware / constructive and software.

Xiaomi mi4

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Xiaomi Mi4 with MIUI 6, the complete review of!

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Features of the Xiaomi Mi4

The version of Xiaomi Mi4 tested in recent weeks is the one with 16GB of internal memory and support for 3G connectivity. The model with 64GB of storage, in fact, was launched only a few days ago, while the version with support for European 4G LTE networks will only be available at the end of the year.

The various models will all be equipped with powerful quad-core chipsets Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 with 2.5Ghz clock, Flanked by Adreno GPU 330.

In addition to the aforementioned processor Snapdragon 801, the Xiaomi Mi4 will be equipped by 3GB of RAM RAM LP-DD3 933Mhz16 o 64 GB XMMUM eMMC internal memory.

As with the previous Mi3, a display with a diagonal from 5 inches with resolution Full HD 1920 x 1080 pixel and can be used with gloves and wet hands. The realization of these displays has been entrusted to JDI and Sharp, therefore two companies in the sector that will guarantee panels of certainly excellent quality.

Xiaomi Mi4

The size of the Mi4 is 139,2 x 68,5 for 8,9 mm thick for 149 grams including battery. The weight data seems discordant with the sensation you get in use, because the Mi4 appears heavier, probably due to a bad distribution of weight over the entire body of the phone.

Xiaomi Mi4: Complete Technical Specifications:

Xiaomi Mi4

Producer Xiaomi
Model Mi4
Launch date July 22 2014
Dimensions: 5 inches
Resolution Full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels
Other IPS, 441ppi, made by Sharp / JDI
Operating system MIUI ROM based on Android 4.4 KitKat
chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8974AC 801
CPU GHz Krait quad-core 2.5 400
GPU Adreno 330
RAM 3GB LPDDR3 to 933MHz
Battery 3080mAh, non removable
Other Quick battery charging for 9V / 1.2A, infrared remote control, 4.0 bluetooth, Wi-Fi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac dual-band
posteriore 13 mega-pixel, Sony IMX214 with F1.8 aperture
Front 8 megapixel Sony IMX219 with F1.8 aperture and 80 ° wide angle
Specifications autofocus, dual-LED flash, HDR in real-time, 4K video
Video 2160p @ 30fps, 1080p @ 30fps, HDR
Internal 16 / 64GB high-speed eMMC 5.0
SD Cards No
dual Sim No
3G Si, DC-HSDPA, 42 Mbps; HSDPA, 21 Mbps; HSUPA, 5.76 Mbps;
Dimensions: 139.2 67.5 × × 8.9mm
Weight : 149 grams
Candle Dyes White black
Price 399 euro (with no discount code GIZXIAOMI)
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Xiaomi Mi4: Design

From the point of view of materials, design and assembly, Xiaomi really did a great job for this Mi4. First of all, the reduction in the overall size of the phone, which, with the same diagonal display, is much more compact than the previous Mi3.

In particular, thanks to the reduction in the thickness of the side frames, using a single hand of the Mi4 results to be much easier than what was detected with its predecessor.

Xiaomi Mi4

The construction materials are excellent, especially the steel perimeter frame makes the Mi4 very stylish and solid, although in the design vaguely reminiscent of an iPhone.

Xiaomi mi4

All in all, the design of the device remains quite original and I personally like it very much.

The back cover is removable, but to do so you will need to use a suction cup. The operation is quite simple and fast, but it is not something that can be done everyday, as is the case with removable back covers in a "standard" manner.

Xiaomi Mi4

This one of the Mi4 will be removable not for the extraction of the battery - which is not possible - but because later "design" covers - made with different materials - will be marketed which, judging by the images released online by the company, really look like very beautiful and elegant.

Xiaomi Mi4 cover

Xiaomi Mi4 bamboo

The Xiaomi Mi4 with the special cover made in Bamboo

Classic positioning of the Xiaomi control keys. On the right, in fact, we find both the volume rocker and the power button for switching on, off and stand-by.

Xiaomi Mi4

on the left side the removable tray for the single micro SIM.

Xiaomi Mi4

Xiaomi mi4
Xiaomi mi4

on the top edge the 3,5 mm jack for earphones (not supplied) and infrared LEDs for using the Mi4 as a universal remote.

Infrared Mi4

The sensor, accompanied by an application, will allow you to manage various household appliances, such as, for example, televisions, routers, lighting systems, air conditioners, systems dedicated to music reproduction and more. 

Xiaomi Mi4

Below the micro USB slot (PTP, MTP and OTG) and the single system speaker.

Xiaomi Mi4

On the front we find the brightness and proximity sensors - fully functional - the ear capsule and the camera from 8 mega-pixels, also with opening F / 1.8, or a sensor that will allow you to realize Selfie of excellent level.

Xiaomi Mi4

At the back we find the camera from 13 mega-pixels with opening F / 1.8 e LED flash and the second microphone to reduce the rust.

The camera supports video recording in 4K e HDR in real time. Unfortunately on the first official release of MIUI 6 there was a bug in video recording, or the app crashed whenever it switched to video mode.

Therefore, the classic video recording tests will be uploaded to the channel only in the coming days.

Xiaomi Mi4

Xiaomi Mi4: 5 Display FULLHD, the new "Screen King"!

When I reviewed the Mi3 I defined her display as "the most beautiful and sharp ever" and the phone has kept that "title" for many months.

Xiaomi, with the Mi4, has also been able to improve this aspect by providing a panel phone 5 FULLHD inches, with resolution 1920 1080 pixels x, incredibly bright and crisp.

Xiaomi Mi4

The display of the Mi4, therefore, wins the title of best display ever, snatching it from its predecessor Mi3.

Panel colors are great. Black, although the display is an IPS, is very deep. Superb white, as well as all the other colors, which are perfectly reproduced.

The brightness sensor works perfectly, ensuring good visibility even if exposed to sunlight.

Also, with the new MIUI 6, you can adjust the display settings. In addition to the brightness and the usual ability to set it as automatic, you can also change the temperature , saturation of color, the first in WARM (HOT), STANDARD (NATURAL) o COOL (FREDDO) and the second in BRILLIANT (BRILLANTE) o STANDARD (NORMAL).

xiaomi mi4 display


Exceptional touchscreen. The level is equal to that of Mi3. The feeling of naturalness of the touch is something hardly comparable.

Finally, the display can also be used with gloves (and wet fingers), by activating the "glove mode"From the settings menu.

XIAOMI MI4: performance and benchmark 

xiaomi mi4 benchmark

The Xiaomi Mi4 is equipped with top-notch hardware and, therefore, it is no wonder the results obtained by the device in the benchmark tests.

Here's a summary of videos and images:

xiaomi mi4 benchmark
xiaomi mi4 benchmark
xiaomi mi4 benchmark
xiaomi mi4 benchmark
xiaomi mi4 benchmark

Xiaomi Mi4: Gaming Test (Real Racing 3 - Dead Trigger 2)

The Adreno 330 GPU, the Snapdragon 801 chipset and the outstanding display, provide a very enjoyable gaming experience on the Mi4.

The level of detail is excellent, excellent fluidity and reproduction of the game elements is perfect.

For example, in Real Racing 3, the images in the rearview mirror of the car are perfectly reproduced, as well as various reflections and all other detail elements.

Very good also the frame rate and audio.

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Xiaomi Mi4: Telephone part and 3G navigation 

On the Xiaomi Mi4 the reception is very good (tested with H3G and TIM operators). The audio in the ear capsule is excellent and the one in the speaker with active speakerphone is good.

Perfect 3G navigation. Fast and free of any uncertainty.

Xiaomi Mi4: GPS, bluetooth and WiFi

The Xiaomi Mi4 connectivity compartment is from first class: Perfect GPS, impeccable bluetooth, very fast and stable WIFI, above all very fast when hooking up the already known networks.

With the previous release - the first - of MIUI 6 I found a problem in the hotspot, but not so much a problem of use, as it worked perfectly, as a bug that, when deactivated, generated a restart of the phone. Fortunately the bug has been fixed with the new weekly release.

A praise then to the MIUI team for the promptness in interventions, but this is something already known to all of us.

Xiaomi Mi4Quality of cameras

The photographic sector represents, most likely, one of the upgrades of this Mi4 best managed by Xiaomi. The shots are always very sharp and defined and manage to maintain a good quality level even in low light conditions.

The new App Camera of the MIUI 6 has been reduced to bone in the functions. In particular, the ability to switch between the simple mode is that professional. The shot is really fast.

Camera App MIUI - Xiaomi Mi4

But let's see a few shots made with Xiaomi Mi13's 4 megapixel camera:

photo made with xiaomi mi4
photo made with xiaomi mi4
photo made with xiaomi mi4
photo made with xiaomi mi4
photo made with xiaomi mi4
photo made with xiaomi mi4
photo made with xiaomi mi4
photo made with xiaomi mi4
photo made with xiaomi mi4
photo made with xiaomi mi4
photo made with xiaomi mi4
photo made with xiaomi mi4
photo made with xiaomi mi4
photo made with xiaomi mi4

Shots made under low light conditions are quite good, although we are far from the quality level that can be achieved with the Live Xshot.

photo made with xiaomi mi4
photo made with xiaomi mi4
Xiaomi mi4

Excellent macro and close-ups.

photo made with xiaomi mi4
photo made with xiaomi mi4
photo made with xiaomi mi4
photo made with xiaomi mi4
photo made with xiaomi mi4
photo made with xiaomi mi4
photo made with xiaomi mi4
photo made with xiaomi mi4

Equally satisfactory are the shots made with the active HDR mode.

photo made with xiaomi mi4
photo made with xiaomi mi4
photo made with xiaomi mi4

With the camera app of the 6 version of MIUI you can no longer make panoramic pictures. However, this feature will most likely be added in one of the upcoming weekly updates. The following is a photo taken with the V5 version.

photo made with xiaomi mi4
As for the video part, the Xiaomi Mi4 reproduces all popular formats, including divx and mkv, with excellent audio and bitrate. You can watch a playback test in the video review.

Xiaomi Mi4: Battery

Xiaomi Mi4

source: Sina Weibo

Battery life from 3080mAh has been greatly improved with the definitive version of the MIUI 6. The first BETA versions were absolutely unreliable from this point of view, even definable to the limits of uselessness.

The MIUI 6, as well as the V5, allows us to manage the battery and set the phone in balanced mode, that is what I used regularly, and Performance mode.

This latter mode might only be useful in gaming sessions, because otherwise balanced mode is more than enough to ensure excellent performance.

In balanced mode, on a very intense day of commencement, started at about 5 in the morning, I arrived at 19.24 with a residual 11% autonomy, with 14 hours and 33 minutes of general usage and 2 hours and 46 with the display switched on.

xiaomi mi4 battery

However, on another day of use I have achieved the best results, ie 3 hours and 13 minutes of on-screen display, over a total of about 14 hours of use.

xiaomi mi4 battery

Thus, the autonomy of the Xiaomi Mi4 is absolutely promoted.

Xiaomi Mi4: final Thoughts

In closing, what about this Xiaomi Mi4?

I really liked it, especially from the point of view of design. Of course, we can not say that it is an "important" upgrade to the Mi3, although it is equipped with Snapdragon 801 and 3GB RAM.

The MIUI 6 represents, on the other hand, what was a necessary update for Xiaomi, especially from the point of view of the user interface, as the V5 was now a bit dated, albeit always very pleasant in graphics. Moreover, even if it no longer amazes me, the readiness of Xiaomi's updates is something more unique than rare in the Chinese mobile telephony landscape, but, perhaps, it is also so in what includes the most famous brands.

On Xiaomi devices, in fact, a bug remains such at most for a week, but this only if the huge online support community does not intervene before the MIUI team. Consequently, even the bugs detected on the MI4 and, in particular, on this new MIUI 6 will surely have the hours counted.

Xiaomi Mi4, therefore, promoted for its outstanding display, for the incredible work done by the company in design and especially for the performance of the new MIUI 6, as always a ROM in becoming, but as always, a ROM that improves day by day.

Brava Xiaomi!

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