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Xiaomi Mi4, limited edition with sapphire crystal? [Rumor]

The quality of the displays used by Xiaomi for its devices is qualitatively speaking indisputable. Even the latest Xiaomi-phone makes no difference, incredible touch sensations and true-to-life colors and much less saturated than full-screen displays. Should the Jun company adopt sapphire glasses?

Since the indiscretion that the next iPhone by could be equipped with sapphire glass emerged, many manufacturers including Vivo have begun to let imagine good news for the future. Times always unspecified, however, never certain news. The latest news ready to excite fans of Chinese technology seems far from smoky, however, because it is disseminated by a Korean digital-economic newspaper leader in its sector, the Electronic Times.

sapphire crystal

According to ET, Xiaomi would be in contact with a Korean company to start production of a limited lot (we are talking about 50000 pieces) of sapphire screens that, if you feel good, could go to equip the Xiaomi-phones very soon. Which Xiaomi has decided to release a Xiamo Mi4 in limited version with such a screen soon?

Fingers crossed!


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Simone Rodriguez
Simone Rodriguez

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